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Memotech is designed for organisations that use intellectual assets at the heart of their commercial, tactical and strategic DNA. It serves to securely manage the process for business stakeholders across idea collection, IP development, PTO prosecution, commercial licensing and IP renewals.

Memotech not only manages ideas, patents, trademarks, designs, licensing & agreements and domain name portfolios, it also keeps track of costs and awards associated with the lifecycle of an IP portfolio. It provides business stakeholders full transparency on spend, activities, ideas, value and risks for informed decision making throughout the lifecycle.

Using Memotech

Significantly increase IP productivity
Time-consuming administrative tasks are automated using law-base case management so you can focus on higher value work.

Build a strategic IP portfolio
A committee with multiple business stakeholders can assess, score and allocate filing and investment strategies to submitted ideas and IP.

Enhance collaboration
Both internal and external users can access the system remotely to administer work, view status, execute tasks, review or approve activities. Remote users can collaborate with others just as easily and securely as if they were all in the same office.

Assess value of IP activities against strategy
Analyse your IP portfolio in different dimensions to help decide what should be divested and what areas require further investment.

Track conflicts and competition
Competitor IP activity can be tracked and conflicts managed facilitating freedom to operate, product landscaping, white space surveillance and litigation management.

Stores and manages IP material creation
Manages the development of IP materials and documents by workflowing document activity using tri/bi-fold formats familiar to IP professionals.

Work around your approach to IP
Workflow, access and screens can be fully configured to suit your approach to IP management and make user interactivity intuitive and role based.

Keep track of costs
Memotech captures and reports on work-time, renewal and third party costs to provide a consolidated view of costs for analysis, forecasting and budgeting.

Minimise risk from data entry
Risk from data entry errors is minimised using trusted law data, contextual checking, self-populating records, event generation and PTO data verification.

Direct IP activity to important tasks
Stakeholders are allocated tasks with due-dates and reminders according to law and organisational rules seen via calendars, emails and dashboards.

Track progress & value of commercial agreements
Commercial licensing and contractual agreements and related royalty rates can be requested, approved and tracked on from within Memotech.

Be 100% confident with renewals
Schedule trademark and patent renewals from within Memotech. It offers full transparency on status, cost and conflicts.

Understanding Memotech

You can directly configure Memotech workflows and WEB interfaces. It saves on professional services, delays and allows Memotech to adapt to organisational change, fast.

Choice of Adoption
Memotech can be hosted by CPA Global as a cloud-based solution relieving IT support needs. It can also be installed on-premises to suited local IT policies. Memotech is modular; you can license different modules and capabilities to suit your needs.

Memotech integrates with applications such as ERP applications, document management systems or business intelligence solutions to provide an integrated IT environment. It also integrates with authorised IP support partners and PTO offices to reduce risk associated with manual data entry and speeds information exchange respectively.