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Inprotech® offers law firms a ‘one-stop’ complete IP practice management solution. By centralising the IP practice, Inprotech reduces the risk of errors and cuts labor-intensive manual activities by automating many IP management processes.

Understanding Inprotech

Inprotech is both modular, so you can choose the features that you need, and highly configurable. The software can be used as a completely integrated solution or as a standalone IP management system. Being web-based, Inprotech also enables increased accessibility to IP portfolios — helping foster a more productive, collaborative environment among internal staff and clients.

Using Inprotech will help you:

  • Centralise data into one core system
  • Improve workflows by automating manual processes
  • Gain a better view of your clients’ IP portfolios
  • Manage time recording and billing processes
  • Reduce risk by generating deadlines automatically through a dependable IP Laws system
  • Increase accessibility to cases for attorneys, support staff and clients alike
  • Enable clients to access case information in real-time, at anytime

Using Inprotech

Everything is built around the core product which includes all the essentials – case and name management, workflow automation, records management, e-filing, electronic data exchange, document and form generation, file tracking, word processing integration, foreign language support and the central database. This is the foundation on which you can add other modules depending on your requirements including:

Client Access

  • Provide clients with secure access to their IP case management information anytime, anywhere with the ability to run reports, and interact with their case managers

Time and Billing

  • Timesheet enables the capture and costing of time
  • Billing manages work in progress and firm billing functions including individually tailored invoices and various time, revenue, and WIP analyses

Financial Management

  • Accounts Receivable for recording cash receipts and managing outstanding debt
  • Accounts Payable for recording purchases and supplier payments
  • General Ledger fully integrated financial management, reporting and record keeping
  • Financial Interface used for integration with third party financial systems


  • Reciprocity & Statistics provides analysis of database information for work done with foreign agents
  • Customer Relationship Management takes you beyond analysing current clients, to managing the entire lead cycle – including coordinating marketing campaigns, generating leads and sending email
  • Contact Management supports direct marketing and records incoming and outgoing activities such as phone calls, letters, and email

Law Update Service
CPA Global has a dedicated legal research team of qualified IP attorneys. In addition, we have a network of agents providing the most current laws information in their jurisdiction, including early warning of proposed legislation. We also proactively monitor IP Offices around the world and monitor key industry organisations, blogs, and other important sources of IP laws information.

The Law Update Service removes the need for you to create and maintain your own IP rules and laws. This means you can be confident that you’re completing the right actions at the right time.