Help Clients Make the Most of Their IP

A robust patent portfolio helps drive your clients’ businesses. Our Portfolio Diagnostic involves a detailed audit of their patent portfolio:

This type of study is very useful for clients that:

  • Need to better understand what’s in their portfolio
  • Need assistance in assessing IP investment decisions
  • Want to improve the management and monetisation of their portfolio

We’ll work with you to develop a custom taxonomy for your clients’ valuable IP, as well as qualitative and quantitative review criteria, and then categorise and rank all their patents.

The same approach can also be used to develop a detailed understanding of the portfolio of your clients’ competitors or acquisition targets. We develop taxonomies based on technologies of interest, business unit subdivisions or the market and product categories in which they operate.

Each project is customised, and we’ll work with you to confirm your clients’ business goals and desired outcomes.  We’ll assess their patent portfolios relative to overall business objectives and provide recommendations that address their requirements. These could include aligning patents to key products and services, identifying core patents to maintain, identifying areas to strengthen or divest, and uncovering potential monetisation and licensing opportunities.

In addition to helping you to add even more value for your clients, this leads to several direct economic and ROI benefits for your clients:

  • Identification and protection/awareness of key assets
  • Better portfolio management decisions
  • Sale/licensing of non-core patents that may have considerable value in adjacent or emerging technology domains.

Unquestioned expertise


More than 250 technologists and IP professionals providing expertise across all technology sectors, supported by a separate dedicated data science team.

Leveraging our experience


More than 45 years’ experience providing IP services that help law firms strengthen their clients’ patent portfolios.



Using data, in-depth analysis, and clear, persuasive visualisations to create powerful and actionable intelligence for your clients.



Create a comprehensive technical categorisation based on products and features/functions to enable further analysis.


Develop quantitative and qualitative review criteria relating to technical importance, commercial value, and patent defects for evaluating each patent based on claims.


Categorise and evaluate each patent in your clients’ portfolios based on the defined taxonomy and review criteria.


Using clients’ internal data and our extensive IP spend databases, we can assess the balance between IP investment and the relative performance of the field in your clients’ businesses – quickly identifying disparity and areas of opportunity or concern.


Classify all client patents relative to business alignment and commercial potential, to identify those that should be maintained, important patents supporting fundamental technologies or future bets, and valuable non-core patents for possible sale or licensing.