Life at CPA Global

Discover a world of opportunity in IP at CPA Global

A worldwide organisation

CPA Global operates throughout the world. That means we offer global career opportunities to the right candidates who will bring our company values to life. Working with us means having a whole host of opportunities to aim for. Whatever your role, wherever you want to be, if you have the ambition to progress we will support you to make it happen.

Life at CPA Global

Find out what working life is like for our 2,000 people across the globe. We have career opportunities spanning every aspect of delivering world-leading IP services and technology. So whatever your role, you will be helping to bring brilliant ideas to life.

Like to work with ideas that change the world?

The Intellectual Property industry never stands still. Neither do we. A career with us means being agile. Accountable. Focusing on the smallest details, without ever losing sight of the bigger picture. For a career at the forefront of IP, take a look at our current vacancies.

Diversity and inclusion

We welcome people who see things differently. Who can champion new ways of thinking. Who pioneer pro-active solutions for our customers’ needs. People who will play their part, helping us to innovate and integrate across the entire IP lifecycle. It’s that simple.

Scale and scope

Working with us is about being a member of a worldwide team. 26 offices in 15 countries. A presence in territories across the globe. We encourage our people to connect, inspire, inform and share their expertise.

Careers with CPA Global can start anywhere and go everywhere. 

Working with the world’s leading IP management and technology company means having a career that is going places. It’s so much more than a job. It’s a chance to put your talents to work and be a valued member of our team. Wherever you are, whatever your role.

We encourage our people to take an entrepreneurial approach. We trust our colleagues to make a difference. To make things happen.

You will be empowered to use your skills and exercise integrity.

A career with us means being part of a much wider team that enhances customers’ IP decision-making processes often on a global scale. It means buying into our team spirit of connection, integration and collaboration. We are quick to understand needs and even faster to respond.

Every job involves putting the customer first. Listening to what they say. Then putting together the pro-active IP support package they need.

When you’re dealing with ideas that can change the world, your agility and ability to align yourself to next generation services will be vital. So your passion for working in the complex and challenging field of IP – whether in Client Services, Technology Innovation & Development or Sales – will be one of the main reasons why we will hire you.

How we support our customers with their IP management processes

Ideas are at the heart of every successful business. Which is why supporting the processes that bring ideas to life can provide the key to long-term competitive advantage.

We help many of the world’s most respected brands and biggest businesses to navigate today’s complex and demanding IP landscapes.

Offering support with many of the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with IP management, we liberate our customers to focus on more high value, strategic activities. We also leverage innovation in information to equip our customers to make better IP decisions for the future.

With people, tools and technologies on hand to support activities across the entire IP lifecycle, we connect with our customers to integrate processes and add value, from idea creation and asset protection, through effective management to portfolio maximisation.

Open up a world of career opportunities…

At CPA Global, we work to connect people with the latest IP information, the most innovative technology. And provide joined up communications that connect people with people.

Our teams operate in offices in 15 countries, and we have people stationed in territories even further afield. As the world of IP evolves at an ever-accelerating rate, so does our business.

Right now we are committed to expanding our global coverage by expanding our business even further. Which means we are continuously looking for the experienced, passionate professionals who will ensure we continue to deliver strategic IP process management services to some of the biggest brands across the globe.

Like you, we are ambitious, committed to continuous development and ready to be as agile and flexible as our industry demands.

Quite simply, working with next generation IP services starts here. Join us.