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Newly launched IP specialist law firm AKRAN has built a lean and agile structure from the ground up. Leveraging CPA Global as the firm’s business partner, AKRAN is delivering a quality service to its international clients and helping corporate IP teams to meet the pressures of managing IP.


AKRAN is an Italian specialist IP law firm supporting clients with their intellectual property rights in various jurisdictions around the world. A recent spin-off from a large Italian IP law firm, AKRAN currently employs 18 fee-earning lawyers and is growing rapidly. Around 30% of its practice is in Italy, another 30% elsewhere in Europe and the remainder is spread evenly across the rest of the world.

  • Establish a new business model to create a low-overhead IP law firm, with prosecution and litigation capabilities
  • Fulfill demand from AKRAN clients to meet the pressures of managing IP
  • Address restrictive European labour laws
  • Incorporate flexibility and scalability to seamlessly accommodate business growth
  • Trademark Paralegal Support
  • Transactional support
  • FoundationIP® - IP Management Software
  • Delivers a competitive edge that helps secure new business
  • Keeps overheads low and protects margins
  • Highly skilled personnel available on demand
  • Complete transparency over how IP is managed


AKRAN founder Alessandro Masetti was dissatisfied with the traditional law firm business model he felt no longer worked for firms or their clients. A low-overhead alternative would enable him to cut IP management costs for his corporate clients while protecting his own margins. However, European and domestic labour laws made it difficult to quickly recruit during peak business periods and also proved too inflexible should there be a downturn in demand.

Alessandro’s vision was to create a lean and agile law firm that could deliver high quality professional work to international clients without incurring unnecessary costs. He decided that AKRAN should be built with a structure that comprehensively supported its 18 fee-earning lawyers, yet operated with a skeleton in-house staff. The firm consequently appointed CPA Global to implement the best systems and processes to achieve this, as well as provide all the transactional and paralegal support required to make the new business model work.


Enabling cost efficient attorney and client partnerships

AKRAN recognised the need to work with an experienced service provider that understood its requirements and had an established global presence. It therefore appointed CPA Global as its service partner, tasking the company with all aspects of its trademark paralegal and transactional support team. AKRAN implemented CPA Global’s hosted IP management solution, FoundationIP, enabling the newly established firm to get up and running immediately. With no hardware to install and maintain, FoundationIP allowed for instant collaboration between AKRAN and CPA Global’s international delivery centres for fulfilment of paralegal support requirements.

AKRAN has an experienced trademark paralegal as the firm’s European point of contact in CPA Global’s Munich office. This paralegal then works with the company’s global delivery centre to obtain the specialist knowledge and expertise for any territory where this is required. All work is quality checked within the Munich office before being returned to the client via FoundationIP, ensuring complete transparency and consistency of work across all jurisdictions.

As AKRAN was a brand new law firm, it was also very difficult to predict future workload. CPA Global therefore used its six-step onboarding methodology to build the client support strategy that would meet AKRAN’s business objectives and enable the firm to grow. The firm utilised CPA Global’s IP ‘pay as you go’ model, which provides a list of services and associated costs. AKRAN could simply pick and choose from the list of services with no long-term commitment or deadline to use them.

AKRAN’s model clearly resonated with corporate IP departments who were looking for a more productive partnership with their external counsel in order to decrease IP management costs. Several clients followed AKRAN in its new venture, leading to a dramatic and sustained increase in the levels of transactional and trademark paralegal support it required. As a result, within the first three months, AKRAN reached a point where it could consider a full-time equivalent model, with CPA Global providing the firm with dedicated paralegal support staff.


A highly flexible, skilled and cost effective paralegal resource on demand

Eliminates IT operational and development costs
As a centralised and cloud-based IP management system, FoundationIP provides guaranteed uptime and transparency for AKRAN and its clients.

Protects margins and promotes cost savings
Employing CPA Global as its support partner enables AKRAN to operate with significantly lower overheads than a traditionally structured law firm. It can deliver high-quality work at a lower cost, without impacting its profitability.

Offers built-inflexibility and agility
This lean and agile model enables AKRAN to precisely match committed resources to actual workload. Instant scalability enables AKRAN to meet all short-term spikes in workload without taking on additional staff that may not be required and would impact long-term profitability.

Access to specialist knowledge and expertise
As an international IP and legal services outsourcing specialist, CPA Global offers trademark support expertise in multiple jurisdictions around the world, providing AKRAN with detailed market knowledge when advising clients in these jurisdictions.

Download the full case study here.

For further information contact us at ipinfo@cpaglobal.com

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