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How leading foaming agent manufacturer Dongjin Semichem leverages CPA Global’s resources to lower its patent renewals costs, manage its trademark assets and align its IP portfolio with its business strategy.


Established in 1967 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Dongjin Semichem is a pioneer in the domestic and international fine chemistry field, specializing in the development of semiconductors and electronic materials for the Flat Panel Displays industry. The company is also the world’s largest manufacturer of foaming agents, holding a 35 percent share of the international market.

Since 1995, the company has applied for 1,622 domestic and international patents and 24 trademarks.

  • Strengthen protection of company’s key IP assets and portfolio
  • Mitigate risk with a more efficient and cost-effective patent renewals system
  • Utilise CPA Global’s Insight analysis tool to develop deeper understanding of competitor- related IP activity
  • Patent Renewals
  • Trademark Services
  • Significant savings in patent renewals fees
  • Enhanced decision support and patent landscaping
  • Accurate reporting of trademark issues on key products


When a company’s mission statement is: “Conquer the world through new technology development,” you can safely assume that it takes IP management very seriously. As the world’s largest producer of organic chemistry foaming agents and a leading manufacturer of energy-related materials with more than 2,000 patents/patent applications in progress, Dongjin Semichem requires a global approach to innovation and protection of its IP assets as well as cutting-edge portfolio analysis and decision support tools.

Operating in a particularly competitive industry, Dongjin Semichem also felt it needed to develop a clearer picture of where it stands in comparison with its competitors, identify potential threats of infringement of its key designs and assets, and highlight opportunities to develop existing and future technologies. And with Europe earmarked as a key market for its semiconductor and fuel cell products, the company wanted to develop a broader understanding of the patent landscape in order to develop a more comprehensive and educated IP strategy in the region.


A combination of global resources and specialist local knowledge

To mitigate the risk involved in managing Dongjin Semichem’s substantial patent portfolio, the responsibility for processing the company’s annuity payments was assigned to a team of highly experienced administrators at CPA Global’s UK offices.

Instead of having to oversee the entire renewals process, Dongjin’s in-house IP team is now relieved of many of the time-consuming administrative tasks and is involved only in double-checking the output to ensure there are no errors. If any issues are identified, a team of local experts is available to the client on a real-time basis.

One of the key challenges in the early stages of the relationship was to work through some administrative issues unique to the Asia market, including the implementation of a local currency payment system. With the goal of making the billing and payment processes for Dongjin as simple as possible, CPA Global leveraged its international agent network and assigned a team of local specialists to negotiate with local banks, process the necessary paperwork and set up the accounts.

In addition to patent renewals, Dongjin also uses CPA Global’s trademark search tools to identify potential mark issues with key products, as well as the company’s new decision support tool, Insight, to provide comprehensive patent landscaping data. Insight’s set of custom analysis tools help Dongjin senior management make more informed renewals decisions by identifying new competitors in the market, comparing the strength of the firm’s IP assets with all patents within its industry/sector, and highlighting activity and technological innovation in key industry sectors and geographical markets.


Improved efficiencies and enhanced decision support

Substantial Savings in IP Management
CPA Global’s competitive price structure enabled Dongjin to streamline its annuity payment process and realize significant savings in its IP management budget. The all-inclusive renewals service also relieved the administrative burden on the in-house IP team, enabling them to focus on higher value work.

Accurate reporting of trademark issues on key products
Global legal services highlight potential trademark issues with key products, while comprehensive trademark management services offer enhanced search capabilities.

Availability of Global and Local Resources
Dongjin benefits from CPA Global’s international resources and legal capabilities as well as a local team of patent and trademark paralegals with specialist knowledge of the Korean and Asian IP market.

Enhanced Decision Support
Using the Patent Renewals Insight report's set of unique custom analysis tools, Dongjin is able to gain a competitive edge in the industry and make more strategic portfolio management decisions. The analysis tools review what major competitors are doing and highlight key technological developments taking place within specific industry sectors.

For further information contact us at ipinfo@cpaglobal.com

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