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Established in 2014, National Advisory Services Company (NASCO), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), with a mandate to provide best-in-class strategic and management advisory services to public and private-sector institutions and enterprises, both locally and regionally. CPA Global’s Innography IP Analytics software is a crucial tool for the team at NASCO, powering the research that informs their advisory work. 


NASCO’s mission is to support innovation within the region, educating and advising innovative organisations on developing effective IP strategies and ensuring they maximise the potential of their IP assets. In a region where IP practices are maturing rapidly, a key objective of the NASCO organisation is to contribute to the professionalisation of innovation approaches and introduce best practices in technology transfer operations. The NASCO team bring decades of experience in IP, combining expertise from a broad spectrum of technology areas to advise clients on successful IP strategies. The research that underpins their advisory work requires detailed analysis of global IP data, and the team leverage a number of tools to support this effort. Foremost among these is Innography from CPA Global, which is crucial in enabling the team to deliver a broad range of advisory activities that include:

  • Analysis of client portfolios to establish strength, value and novelty
  • Landscape analysis within specific technologies to map core and adjacent IP and identify established and emerging rights holders
  • Advising clients on where to focus their portfolio expansion activities as well as which areas to avoid
  • Analysis of technology roadmaps to identify which companies are investing in a particular
  • technology space and plotting activity over time to reveal trends and benchmark their clients’ R&D activity
  • Identifying commercialisation opportunities for clients to capture revenue generation potential from their portfolios
  • Guiding clients on strategies for strengthening the protection of their portfolios
  • Identifying partners, licensing opportunities and potential buyers or acquisition targets
  • Advising on investment strategies in emerging technologies and innovative businesses


Prior to adopting Innography, the NASCO team evaluated several IP Intelligence tools. Their decision to select Innography was based on a number of key advantages they found within Innography that were not replicated in other alternatives.

Semantic Search

The team found the semantic search capabilities of Innography particularly powerful and intuitive to use. When initiating projects and compiling search parameters the NASCO team found the true semantic search capability enabled them to quickly establish highly relevant data sets for more detailed analysis. Commenting on the tool Abdulla Alnouri, Technology Transfer Manager at NASCO, said “Innography’s semantic search capabilities were a real differentiator for us. It’s intuitive to use and helps the team to quickly build and refine analysis projects. We found we were able to get powerful results using Innography in a significantly short period of time.”

Data Visualisations

The suite of data visualisation options within Innography help the NASCO team to quickly validate data sets to confirm they are accurately representing the intended technology.

“So much of the work that you end up doing when you’re doing patent analysis is trying to make sure that you’re not just getting the results that you expect to find. Trying to make sure that it’s not just confirmation bias. Double checking that work is much easier in Innography than with other tools I’ve worked with before,” said Alnouri. “The graphical analysis tools also help us to easily identify technology trends in a specific area and map the key rights holders within a particular market or technology. Innography delivers results in a visually captivating and interesting way and this just wasn’t possible with the other platforms we were considering at the time”

Easy to Use

“Whether getting started as a new user or when utilising the features that support us day-to-day, we really find Innography is intuitively designed. From features like the playbooks that help us get projects started quickly to the history function to easily return to past search methodologies, it’s all really well thought out,” said Alnouri.

Continuously Innovating & Advancing 

“As someone who has been using Innography fora number of years, I think what’s interesting is that the tool is constantly being updated, and not in a way that makes it harder to use. I think that’s very impressive. You can tell that the people behind Innography care about making sure that people can use the tool in an intuitive way. They didn’t create a solution and leave it unchanged. They are always working to improve it and tweak the system to provide users with updates and recommendations. I really appreciate that. Being able to incorporate that amount of care into the tool itself takes a lot of work. A lot of companies try to achieve the same approach by making sure that the support team are available to answer questions. Innography does that well too, but many companies miss out on how to incorporate those recommendations within the system itself. I’m very pleased to see how Innography has changed and improved over the years.”

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