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Australian law firm Sparke Helmore Lawyers leveraged CPA Global’s Inprotech IP management software to ensure a seamless transition of IP brand portfolios from a previous law firm, delivering complete transparency with effective IP report generating functionality; and to secure new business.


Sparke Helmore Lawyers is a firm of 600 people working from eight offices across Australia. It serves the needs of the insurance, government, financial services, mining, construction and property sectors. The firm´s expertise spans commercial to construction, energy to employment, intellectual property to insurance, structuring to superannuation, mining to manufacturing, and property to procurement. The Sparke Helmore IP team manages large-scale national and international trademark portfolios and conducts litigation to enforce and protect their clients’ trademarks and associated intellectual property rights. The firm also provides brand strategy advice (including Customs Notices, freedom to operate and advertising advice).

  • Seamless transition of IP brand portfolio
  • Develop a system that enables local and international clients to access real-time information 24/7 worldwide
  • Leverage technology to foster longstanding efficiency and productivity
  • Implement technology solutions that help attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships
  • Inprotech IP management system
  • Calculates trademark due dates across multiple jurisdictions
  • Unique client access capability allows clients to simultaneously access, view and manage their IP portfolios online from any location in the world
  • Report generation that used to take attorneys two days to complete can now be done by clients in the format that they require, and printed within two minutes
  • Delivers a competitive edge that helps secure new business
  • Highest level of online security and privacy
  • Highly skilled technical support team


An immediate challenge for Sparke Helmore was to achieve the successful and smooth transition of IP brand portfolios from a previous law firm, thereby ensuring ‘business as usual’. By working in close partnership with CPA Global, Sparke Helmore’s IP attorneys were able to quickly and easily enter and manage trademarks, domain names and business names across various jurisdictions. In fact, within the space of just four weeks, attorneys had uploaded over 1,000 trademarks. The partnership stretches much further than a technological solution.

CPA Global demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of Sparke Helmore’s requirements and the short timescale in which the law firm needed the software to be implemented. The trust placed in CPA Global to deliver what was needed has brought significant benefits in enhancing client service and building new client relationships. The long- term education and strength in partnership shown by both organisations is an integral part of shaping Sparke Helmore’s IP strategy for the future.


Fostering more productive and collaborative attorney and client partnerships

With Sparke Helmore just about to launch its new IP practice, the team wanted to work with an experienced service provider who understood its requirements and had an established presence in Sydney, to ensure an efficient implementation of the software. They appointed CPA Global, having been impressed with their detailed scope of work and timescales and the fact that Inprotech´s modular approach meant that IP teams of all sizes could immediately take advantage of the system with options to grow into full functionality when required.

The system is being used by Sparke Helmore to input trademarks, business and domain names as well as generating standard letters to clients and the Australian patent and trademark office. The team at Sparke Helmore went from not having any trademarks on its system to being immediately trained on how to import data and how to generate letters and reports. Within the space of two to three months, the Sparke Helmore IP practice had a portfolio of around 3,000 trademarks on its system.

One of the biggest challenges for an IP department is monitoring the ever- changing country laws and updating its system to reflect those changes. Sparke Helmore has found Inprotech invaluable in managing due dates across multiple jurisdictions.

Previously, Sparke Helmore had to manually prepare status reports for brand portfolios. Being web-based, Inprotech fosters a more productive and collaborative environment between attorneys and clients. Clients can log in, review status and request reports according to the different layouts of the data. They can sort reports by trademark due date, proprietor and territory, which is a very attractive proposition. From an internal perspective, it means that Sparke Helmore now has more time to devote to strategic work and focus on enhancing client service, rather than administrative tasks.


Highly configurable, seamless and effective IP reporting

Maximising efficiency
There is real-time client access to IP brand portfolios and reporting functionality. Report generation that used to take attorneys two days to complete can now be done by clients in the format that is most useful for their business, and printed within two minutes.

Delivering real edge in a competitive market
The functionality of Inprotech, in particular the web-enabled access, enables Sparke Helmore to demonstrate what it can do to manage a client’s brand protection.

Monitoring the ever-changing country laws
The Inprotech’s strong set of country laws with quarterly updates helps Sparke Helmore mitigate risk and advise clients on deadlines in other territories. Sparke Helmore has many clients with trademarks in multiple jurisdictions worldwide and the software automatically calculates due dates based on the laws of different territories.

Modular structure provides flexibility
Because Inprotech is both modular and highly configurable, Sparke Helmore can grow the solution to support further offerings to clients as and when required.

For further information contact us at ipinfo@cpaglobal.com

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