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How law firm Taylor English Duma LLP uses CPA Global’s cloud-based FoundationIP® to manage its IP practice and empower clients with effective IP management tools.


Established in 2005, Taylor English is a full- service law firm dedicated to providing superior client service through purpose-built efficiency, partnerships and solutions.

The firm was a finalist in the 2012 Client Advisor Awards, which recognises best practice behaviour and results in the relationships between professional services firms and their clients.

  • Create an IP management and docketing platform that improves efficiency and reduces costs
  • Develop technology solutions that strengthen client relationships
  • Enhance communication among key stakeholders
  • FoundationIP® - IP Management Software
  • Efficiencies gained through automating docketing process passed to clients
  • FoundationIP provides selection of built-in IP management tools
  • Enhanced file management and communication among all key stakeholders


One of the key business goals of Taylor English is to take a flexible and entrepreneurial approach to providing IP management solutions. Aligning the economic interests of the law firm with those of its clients, the company is able to deliver competitive, cost-efficient legal services.

With this in mind, Taylor English is constantly looking to identify new technology that will better manage and protect its clients’ key IP assets. On the recommendation of a client who was already using FoundationIP, the law firm approached CPA Global about using the SaaS-based system to manage its docketing requirements and IDS workflow.

In particular, the company was looking for an affordable and scalable solution that could keep pace with the rapidly growing IP practice, as well as improve file management and accessibility and communication among key constituents.


Scalability of FoundationIP meets the needs of a rapidly expanding practice

When Taylor English launched its IP Practice, the company decided that it needed to leverage technology in order to deliver a compelling value proposition to existing and prospective clients.

On the recommendation of one of Taylor English’s IP clients, the firm’s Patent Practice Chair Jef Kuester selected CPA Global’s SaaS-based IP management solution, FoundationIP.

Because it is a pre-configured system, FoundationIP eliminates the need for expensive and extensive IT infrastructure and internal resources. There are no installations, upgrade maintenance, or maintenance fees required. The system’s subscription-based pricing structure – based on the number of matters under management – provides cost predictability and affordability.

In addition to automating the docketing process, which mitigates risk to the practice while reducing administrative costs for clients, FoundationIP has built- in IP management features, including a module that can help law firms streamline their IDS management workload. Taylor English also uses FoundationIP to improve communication among all key stakeholders. The system electronically stores all patent case information in one centralised and consolidated database that authorised users can access from anywhere and at any time.


Built-in functionality offers additional value beyond docketing management

Improved file management and accessibility
With FoundationIP’s cloud-based system, all client files and data are securely stored of-site on CPA Global servers.
The system also organises all key patent case correspondence, emails and activity, thereby eliminating the need to maintain physical files.

Embedding technology reinforces value
The opportunity to embed the firm’s IP management software within the client’s IP workflow enhances the law firm’s value and strengthens the client relationship.

Ability to use technology as a key differentiator
In an industry that is known for being slow to adapt to new technology, Taylor English includes FoundationIP in all of its new business presentations as a key differentiating factor for the firm’s legal services.

Tiered pricing structure provides scalability
Since it is a hosted IP management solution with a tiered pricing structure based on the number of matters under management, FoundationIP provides scalability and predictable costs.

For further information contact us at ipinfo@cpaglobal.com

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