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A message to our customers and partners from Group CEO, Simon Webster:

These are clearly anxious times for all of us as we face into the challenge of responding to COVID-19. Most of us will never have experienced anything like this before, so let me reassure you that we’ve been closely monitoring and evaluating the impact from the very beginning of the issue, and have therefore been able to act ahead of the curve, and in a decisive way, to protect our people, our customers and our business operations.

One of our company values is ‘Always Team First’. To protect our people, we acted very early in the crisis to put in place measures to safeguard our employees and their loved ones. We are now focusing on providing proactive support not only to colleagues, but friends and family at home and the wider community too.

Although this current challenge may be unprecedented, let me reassure you that as a business, we are very prepared. We have a robust Business Continuity Plan in place and each of our locations around the world has already activated the appropriate response to minimize disruption to our operations. Our commitment to investing in and deploying the best technology has enabled over 2200 of our people to work from any location, including from home, while continuing to provide full operational services to our customers. We have also worked with our suppliers and partners to ensure our customers experience no interruption to their expected service levels.

However, we are also acutely conscious of the challenges faced by our customers during this time, ranging from pharmaceutical companies racing to combat the outbreak to smaller innovation-driven companies who may need further support at this difficult time. We are listening to our customers about their risks and concerns to understand how we can help them and the wider IP ecosystem navigate the challenges they are facing. We will be in touch with you again in the coming days with further information in that regard.

We hope you, your family and your colleagues are – and remain – healthy and safe. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.


Simon Webster

Group CEO