When Apple unveiled its new TV streaming platform, Apple TV+, at a star-studded event in California this week, I couldn’t help but see it as the latest example of the power of platform technology - something Apple initially pioneered with iTunes.

The world now does business in a completely different way - driven by simplicity, accessibility, usability and with platform technology at its heart. If I want to travel across London – I use Uber. If I want to order dinner – I turn to JustEat. If I need to message my family – it is WhatsApp. These are all incredibly successful platforms because they give their customers immediate access to efficiently select services.  Platforms are not new.  They are the digital equivalent to marketplaces – something that has existed for millennia.  The reason the platforms above have become de facto standards is their ability to connect buyers and sellers in the most seamless way possible. 

An IP platform

Both myself and my CPA Global colleague, Toni Nijm, have spoken openly about the value of a connected platform to the IP industry.

Taking an idea from a thought to a tangible product includes numerous stakeholders and manual IP tasks, not limited to docketing, filing, communication with agents, report generation and distribution. Traditional IP Management Systems (IPMS) do not have the tools to connect these stakeholders seamlessly to the IP data they generate - which can significantly impact accuracy.

As IP information is passed between stakeholders it quickly becomes inconsistent or outdated, while waiting for IP information to be shared manually means relevant data is not always available and there is a risk of human error. Without connected services, current information is near impossible to share or validate. This can greatly affect decision making - and your bottom line. 

Taking IP management to the next level

CPA Global serves more than 10,000 customers and connects close to 50,000 global IP users every day, so I see firsthand the value that an effective IP platform offering can have in streamlining the ideation process. In 2018, we spent $30 million on R&D and plan to do the same in 2019 to make sure our software and technology-enabled services are more seamlessly connected and deliver the relevant information to empower our customers.

We have a vision of connecting the IP industry with one platform that not only provides point solutions for customers but also improves efficiency across the entire industry. We were the first company to pursue an IP platform and have successfully launched File, Forecast, Search and Renew applications on the journey to delivering this platform. Our latest Memotech 7.5 software update further extends IP productivity with a new suite of applications that will deliver significant gains in efficiency for customers and liberate much needed IP resources.  In addition, our platform is underpinned by a common data layer that gives IP professionals access to better data and insights for improved decisions.  

While CPA Global’s history is in services, our future is in developing technology that works hand in hand with these services to best support customer needs.