For the last blog in our series we discuss patent payment systems, the effect of patent law changes, and the flexibility of successful IP renewal teams. You can catch up with blogs one one and two to get caught up.

Filing and renewing patents can be a costly and time-consuming task. Here we offer three top tips that will make sure you are getting the best service from an excellent renewals providers.

  1. Peace of mind

The security of patents can be threatened if renewals payments are not made before a certain deadline.  It is therefore advantageous to work with a renewals team that does not penalise clients for being late, but will instead process renewals payment on your behalf. An excellent renewals provider will have the financial backing to offer complete accountability, and that could be the difference between retaining valuable IP or losing it.

  1. Worldwide reach

Renewing patents in separate territories is complex. It is important to work with a service that has knowledge of different and evolving jurisdictions, and a global presence that enables portfolios to be managed in their country of origin. An excellent renewals provider will offer localised teams to work alongside businesses for managing portfolio changes and keeping IP secure.

  1. Flexibility

Your company may have holdings in different jurisdictions, work across a number of industries and increase or decrease in size over time. An excellent IP renewals provider will deliver a scalable service that can meet the specific requirements of all corporations and introduce a consultative approach to IP management to identify and provide the best renewals service.

Safeguard your valuable IP portfolios with CPA Global

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Protecting and maximising your valuable IP portfolio is critical to your success.  Trust your valuable business assets to a world-leading renewals provider.  Find out more.