We previously shared three things to consider when seeking an IP renewals provider (read part one here). Next in our series, we consider a provider’s global approach, effective management of patent data and the benefits of a heritage in IP, as they are important components of an effective IP renewals provider.

How can you be sure you are getting the best service? Here are an additional three things you should be looking for in your IP Renewals provider:

  1. Patent Law is not universal

Securing a patent in one jurisdiction does not mean it is protected in another.  Territories have introduced different legislation and a good renewals provider must be able to easily renew applications in different countries with up-to-date knowledge and an understanding of national patent laws.  If a renewals provider has a well-established relationship with global patent agents, these global benefits can be shared with customers.

  1. Patent data is managed effectively

Patent data can be leveraged to improve business decisions, generating insight at each point in the IP lifecycle.  A renewals provider that uses trusted technology and software to process large amounts of patent data is able to reduce renewal errors and minimise the risk of patent lapses. In addition, restoration teams that specialise in patent data will be able to identify potential issues in your industry before they make an impact.

  1. Invest in an experienced service

With new technologies and industries continuing to emerge, the patent landscape is always changing.  A trusted renewals team should display proven expertise and an ability to adapt to the changing field of IP, built on experience from working with patent renewals over a long period of time.  Mature processes should be at the heart of a renewals service, but it should also strive to introduce modern software and technology to improve overall efficiency.

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