At CPA Global IGNITE! 2017, our software customer conference, Toni Nijm, Chief Product & Strategy Officer will present on the inspiration behind The IP Platform, and what the future holds. In this blog, Toni discusses how The IP Platform has changed IP management and improved customer efficiencies since its launch last year.

Back to the start

After surveying our customers and the wider IP community around the future of IP technology, it was clear that, while many industries have been transformed by technology, the world of IP was a step behind. We introduced The IP Platform to plug that gap, delivering technology to increase the effectiveness of IP Operations.

The IP Platform transformed the way users perform key administrative tasks, offering more efficiency and the safest, most secure, most reliable way in the industry. Born from the desire to bring together the extensive software, data and expertise CPA Global has built and acquired, The IP Platform offers one destination with one set of logins across all services.  

IP One Data integration enables customers to match their IP information to public IP records, identify discrepancies in real-time and fix them with a simple click.

Next steps for The IP Platform

We plan to introduce all of our IPMS services to The IP Platform through single sign-on integration. Our new range of Apps - designed to integrate with existing software – will increase the efficiency of IP operations including: Renew – the new online portal for renewals; File – our automated online App for international filings; Docket – which will automate the docketing process; and Workflow – for IP management.

And more is planned! File will soon include PCT nat/phase filings, trademark filings, direct filings, EP validations and IP recordals, while the first releases of our Search and Docket Apps will launch in 2018.

The bigger picture

AI and machine learning technology will play a significant role in new IP solutions for the future. With advanced analytics from multiple data sources becoming increasingly available, real-time and context-based decision-making is also important for future IP management services.

Forming the foundation of all future products will be IP data. Without correct and accurate IP data being used to generate insights and inform decisions, customers will not trust the solutions in place, and products will not be adopted. It is crucial that all IP professionals have access to a trusted data source that cross-correlates data sources and matches them across various products for consistency and stability.

Our product innovation is not only driven by changes in the IP industry, we listen and learn from our customers. We have a continuous pipeline of product ideas and applications that come from conversations and surveys. These views form a stream of feedback that is a vital and important source of inspiration for us. And this is crucial because, as our customers’ demands and challenges evolve over time, so must we.

Toni is presenting at CPA GLOBAL IGNITE! 2017 on Monday, 9 October. Not going to be there? Find out more about the event here.