I am a huge advocate of the power of digital to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. The business world has been fundamentally disrupted by digital and it is not only benefitting large companies. Social media has made it possible to run an online business of any size for a fraction of the investment previously required.

As well as benefitting business, technology has also transformed nearly every domain in customer experience. Online has become the primary choice for everything from product praise to company complaints.

The continued value of face to face

In this environment you may wonder why companies like CPA Global continue to hold an annual face to face event for our customers? Why should people take time out of their busy schedules to take part in an event? Why not something online?

This view does not reflect the value that we recognise is added by human interaction. Digital is good at fulfilling a single requirement (”I need to buy…”; “I need to complain…”; “I need to book…”), but it is less successful in enabling people to learn from the experiences of others; to take a deep dive into a wide range of topics; or to network and make new acquaintances.

The wealth of knowledge and richness of experience can only come from human interaction. This is the reason why I will be joining colleagues and customers in Austin, Texas for CPA Global IGNITE! 2018.

CPA Global IGNITE! 2018

The line-up is exceptional: Intellectual Property experts from Microsoft, IBM and Sanofi are amongst the key speakers to share their insight and industry expertise. The packed programme includes expert content, customer-led sessions, workshops, hands-on labs, 1:1 training, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Toni Nijm, our Chief Strategy Officer, is speaking on blockchain’s potential to influence the future of the IP industry, and we are delighted to welcome Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Erich Andersen, who will outline how the company has streamlined its IP department to ensure the highest levels of security and data privacy.

In addition to the stellar line up of IP experts, the highlight of this event is always the interaction, not just between customers and our IP specialists, but also enabling customers to share best practice and collaborate with each other.

The output from this event significantly shapes our product offering and vision of the future of IP. I will be there to listen, learn and grow. And, of course, to make the most of this unique opportunity to spend time with our customers.

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