Few things are more important to the longevity and survival as an attorney as attracting new clients…and keeping them. And few things can stop both in their tracks quite like missing a deadline or filing an out-of-date application as part of the renewals process. IP attorneys have clients who rely on them to play an active role in portfolio management, making sure they know what protection is in place, where and what it is costing them. 

This active, efficient type of IP management takes considerable business resources, so many law firms elect to outsource the renewals process. Many of these firms do so with one goal in mind: To reconnect with their clients.


Your clients are sophisticated. They understand the critical role played by Intellectual Property in their business. They are also savvy, requiring crucial information and analysis at a moments’ notice. They rely on your expertise to explain and advise the IP scenarios that will take their business to the next level.

But the routine of renewals diverts attorney attention from the demands of their clients for a number of reasons: 

  • Keeping up with non-universal patent laws is complex
  • Making payments in full and on-time is financially taxing to the business
  • Analysing the mountains of patent data available in the age of Big Data is a monumental task
  • Millions are risked when deciding when to abandon or renew
  • Waging the firm’s reputation and good name should anything get missed is a bet most firms cannot afford to lose

For IP attorneys, the client experience is the game-changing factor in both generating new business and keeping current business satisfied. Lack of attention to any of these renewals details spells risk for your clients – which might see them looking for support elsewhere. Sophisticated law firms, therefore, oftentimes make a business decision to entrust the renewals process to a trusted 3rd party.


We are the global leader in patent and trademark renewals. Only CPA Global provides a complete end to end patent renewals service for your clients that dramatically reduces your costs and risks, frees you up to work on higher value activity, and helps you provide a streamlined and professional service to your clients.


With the world’s largest dedicated patent renewals team, armed with almost fifty years of experience in the sector, CPA Global takes instructions on more than two million patent cases every year. That experience ensures all your clients’ renewals will be completed correctly and on time.

We consider our customers to be game-changing factors, also. Which is why we specifically developed Renewals for you to put your clients first again.

You deserve it – and so do they.