Customer satisfaction is an important metric for any business. Customer loyalty relies on delivering business value. We are committed to helping customers generate the best possible return from IP investment. 

Listen and learn

Historically, CPA Global may have been perceived as a product-based service provider – but there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when recommending IP solutions. 

Every corporate and law firm has a unique set of challenges associated with delivering value from IP, dependent on a company’s strategy and execution. Some corporations use an in-house IP department while others will develop relationships with global law firms to achieve their business objectives. 

Investing time in learning about a customer’s specific IP challenges is never wasted. Nurturing an honest dialogue with customers helps IP teams better understand specific requirements and respond with the customer’s end-goal in mind.

Our approach

Working with the most innovative companies in the world - and their legal advisors – we are focused on recommending and implementing IP initiatives that provide our customers with consistent quality experiences.  Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer experiences - whichever products and services are deployed - that focus on the customer’s desired outcomes.

Businesses have never been more tied to the successful outcomes of their customers and in the IP industry, companies that master the customer success mindset are positioned to thrive. We are determined to meet this objective.

Shauna Osborne will be presenting on delivering an effective customer experience at CPA Global’s IGNITE! 2018 in Austin, Texas on November 4-7.  Shauna will co-present with Jayne Durden and Haydn Evans on the transformative IP journey.

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