CPA Global’s biggest ever customer conference kicked off at 7.30pm sharp on 4th November. More than 350 customers are attending almost 100 sessions over three days.

Imagined realities

CEO Simon Webster launched IGNITE! 2018 with a keynote speech that chronicled the journey of mankind from one of many species in the planet to its dominant one. Simon highlighted the role of imagined realities in this process – the ability for people to collectively think bigger and better and collaborate to bring this vision to life.  Simon highlighted how ideas drive progress, but that the global IP system makes it difficult to execute progress quickly. CPA global purpose is to reduce the complexity of the IP system for customers, liberating people to collaborate and innovate more effectively.  

Blockchain reaction

Toni Nijm zeroed in on the potential of blockchain infrastructure to fundamentally redefine how IP management takes place. Toni gave a brief precis of the history of the internet and highlighted that the web was great for the transfer of information but not suited to the transfer of value.  Here blockchain has a potentially staggering role to play.

Toni demonstrated how blockchain could be used to transfer ownership of valuable assets quickly, efficiently and securely.  This could transform IP management, making it quicker, more effective and far more secure.  It would also enable better transparency and a much clearer overview of the assets being acquired or disposed of.

Toni held a Q&A with Stephen Mackenzie from Koch Industries, a large corporation driving the case for deploying blockchain in the IP industry.  Stephen argued that interest in the technology from businesses is encouraging intellectual property offices to seriously consider the technology and the impact it could have on future IP management.

Stephen encouraged the audience to consider new ways in which technology could disrupt the IP industry, finishing with this thought: “Think differently.  Try to be open to changes that help you be more efficient”.

Women driving the industry

IGNITE! 2018 is celebrating the role of women in innovation in two distinctive ways.  Each plenary is opening with a series of videos from CPA Global people talking about the favourite women innovatorsFamous women such as Hedy Lamarr and Marie Curie are connected with more recent inventors such as Mandy Heberman and Sally Fox through the series of videos.

Meanwhile more than 70 women attending the event met for a Women in IP breakfast on Monday morning.  The huge interest, combined with the buzz in the room demonstrated the huge role women play in the industry both past, present and future.

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