Erich Andersen is Corporate Vice President and Chief IP Counsel of Microsoft. In a keynote presentation to IGNITE! 2018 Erich outlined how the software giant manages best practice across a huge and diverse range of IP assets.

Microsoft was finding it challenging to capture its innovation in a timely manner and instituted a complete review of processes some three years ago. This included deploying CPA Global’s Memotech software on a Microsoft cloud platform at the heart of IP management. 

Since this review, Microsoft has generated several benefits including:

  • A reduction in IT costs by 70%
  • An increase in efficiency of 30%
  • A reduction in the time taken to file of 50%
  • $5.8 million in annuity savings
  • User satisfaction increased 44%
  • An improvement to system security

Erich concluded that Microsoft has reaped significant benefits from this digital transformation and praised his team for facilitating the new approach.

Empowering people

Erich was joined on stage by Melanie Carmosino, Director of IP Operations at Microsoft, Harri Honkasalo, Director of IP at Nokia and Peter Yim, a partner at law firm Dentons to discuss how each company had approached digital transformation in a Q&A session hosted by CPA Global’s Chief Strategy Officer, Toni Nijm.

In a wide-ranging conversation, the panellists highlighted the critical importance of people in the IP management process even when technology takes a more significant role.  Peter Yim likened the process to assistive technology in cars. You may use the technology to make driving easier, but people still need to be competent drivers to be able to use the technology to its fullest extent.

Harri Honkasalo agreed, commenting that successful IP management relied on both accurate data and expert people to interpret and action this data. Melanie Carmosino highlighted the impact that cloud technology had on Microsoft’s digital transformation and urged the audience to focus on software that enabled IP professionals to be more agile.

An evening in Austin

Tuesday at CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 concludes with an evening at the Bullock Texas State History Museum.  Attendees will be able to experience the history of the Lone Star State and learn to line dance, bringing a relaxed end to an intensive day of keynotes, seminars and learning.

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