The European Patent Office’s (EPO) latest annual report, published in March 2019, revealed patent applications to the EPO have continued to grow - up 4.6 per cent on the previous year.

The report paints a picture of an economy being completely reshaped by innovation and emerging technologies. Companies wishing to define the next generation should see digital as the key to success.

Recognising change

Innovation and Intellectual Property act as a new type of business currency that has the potential to help drive economic success. Fortunately, political uncertainties in the UK have not stopped innovators from realising this. In total, innovators from the UK filed 5,736 patent applications at the EPO in 2018. And while the UK lags behind European competitors such as France and Germany, the latest figures represent it is catching up with a 7.8 per cent increase in filings.

Tech from the top

The EPO report also shows the top applicants - by volume of patent applications filed - are all technology companies. The three most popular categories for patent applications filed in 2018 were medical, digital communication and computer technology – all underpinned by digital innovation.

This trend not only impacts the organisations and portfolios CPA Global works with, but the way we operate in the increasingly digital arena. CPA Global’s history is in services, but our future is in developing technology that works hand-in-hand with IP services to best support corporate and law firm customer needs.

Maintaining a fast pace of innovation will be key for companies rising to the challenge of more competition, but so will the strategic use of IP rights. We offer customers new ways to manage IP more efficiently, minimise risk, and improve decision making in the IP industry through technology and applications. This is why we invest in our own innovation, spending more than $30 million per year on R&D to drive product excellence across our IP technology and services suite.

Our corporate and law firm IP services go beyond the patent and trademark renewal payments and docketing support. They include patent research, expedited filing support, prosecution support and consulting, and training. Combined with our technology, these services help our customers make more efficient and profitable IP decisions every day.