Yesterday at IGNITE! 2017 – CPA Global’s customer event currently taking place in Dubrovnik - Jon-James Kirtland introduced File integration to Inprotech and Memotech users in presentations with John Denton, Head of Formalities at Dehn’s. John has been an early stage user of File and spoke about the opportunities that the new software provides to streamline processes and reduce administration.

Jon-James and John answered questions around implementation of the new File app and how it would integrate with current software and services. Jon-James concluded: “Up to now, technology has not impacted significantly enough on the process of filing IP. We have graduated from letters, moving to fax messages and email, but the fundamental process has remained the same – highly manual and burdensome. With File that changes, enabling IP professionals to create a filing once and reuse it across a number of jurisdictions quickly and effectively – saving time.”

Tony_ignite_image.jpgDefeating dirty data

The latest keynote at IGNITE! 2017 took place on Tuesday morning, presented by Tony Brennand
who led a session on the dangers of dirty data.

Dirty data – i.e. data that is not reliable or accurate
– occurs when data is collected from diverse sources or is worked on by many people that
might categorise it in inconsistent ways. Tony
made the point that insight from IP data will only ever be of maximum value if the data is accurate
in the first place.

With the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) estimating that as much as 25% of all publicly available IP data is inaccurate or incorrect, dirty data is a serious issue for the IP industry.

Tony introduced IP ONE data from CPA Global. Every single item of intellectual property data has a unique identifier. CPA Global ensures that it is constantly updated – as soon as any change takes place, the data reflects this change instantly and accurately.

Jill Power demonstrated how simple it is to check IP data against IP ONE data records using Memotech. In 90% of cases data is automatically consolidated accurately. In the exceptions, customers can identify any discrepancies and correct them.

Tony completed his keynote by concluding: “100 PTOs and a hundred million pieces of data – accurate and matched”, whilst Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Toni Nijm commented: “Ensuring constant accuracy of IP data has been one of the most significant issues for IP professionals for decades.  By creating a unique identifier for every item of IP data and updating it consistently, CPA global will resolve this issue once and for all.”