More than 100 CPA Global customers have gathered in Dubrovnik for the annual customer conference IGNITE! 2017. Companies from around the world are collaborating and networking with CPA Global’s expert product team to share knowledge.

The event was opened by CEO Simon Webster who commented that technology is the key to transforming the IP industry and highlighted CPA Global’s commitment to innovation, referencing new File and Renew apps as examples.

Simon also outlined the critical importance of accurate IP data to ensuring better business decisions, commenting: “Ideas are the lifeblood of progress and IP generates value from these ideas.”

Simon’s other theme was reducing risk to customers: “Good IP management partners should deliver peace of mind to customers. At CPA Global that is our goal”, committing the company to “a quality and security of service that you can rely on.”

The first full day of business began with a keynote from Toni Nijm, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, who found inspiration from ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky in his plenary speech. Gretzky famously said: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” and Toni used this to illustrate how innovation is driven by taking calculated risks.

Toni described the challenges facing stakeholders in the IP lifecycle. R&D professionals need to address bringing ideas to realisation, ensuring collaboration takes place across the entire business and quickly discovering how ideas can be monetised through the IP process.

IP operations professionals face challenges with docketing, filing and renewals of key IP data.  Meanwhile IP Attorneys need to address prosecution issues, management of increasingly complex portfolios and using the power of IP insight to help drive better decision making. 

Toni promised CPA Global would deliver “direct and real integration to vastly reduce risk and increase peace of mind across the ideas lifecycle.” He also outlined the fundamental differences between a product approach to IP management and a platform approach, describing the latter as delivering “a single sign on, consistent data, a great user experience and integrated products and services.”

Finally, Toni urged customers to think beyond IPMS to an environment where “product integration and accurate data drives more effective IP management and increases insight for better business decision making.”