In a major update for our law firm partners, Inprotech® (our secure, web-based IPMS) is now the first product in our new IP One software suite. As always, Inprotech improves collaboration and efficiency while reducing risk and enhancing client services, but now, underpinned by IP One Data, we provide for you cleansed, verified, augmented and common data across your software and apps.


IP legal teams walk a fine line these days. When one out of four patent ownership records are inaccurate [1], the risk to both IP firms and their clients is much higher than either would prefer.

So how did it happen that 25% of all patent records are inaccurate? In a word: Data. Data that changes by the minute as countless PTO applications are submitted. Input errors and omissions. Cultural and literal translations. Technical jargon and acronyms. These factors, alongside regional and local anomalies in the filing, registration and prosecution process, contribute to the never-ending possibility to make even more mistakes. It’s little wonder that today’s disconnected IP data becomes unrecognisable.

But there is a better way. You can choose better data. 


CPA Global’s CEO Simon Webster set a large but necessary goal for the organisation to raise the bar when it comes to the data upon which IP decisions are made: “Our vision is…to deliver a constantly updated and accurate overview of IP data.” Why? Because we know that in today’s competitive environment, you need the best data to make decisions across the entire Idea Lifecycle. Data is vital to help your clients maximise the value of their IP portfolios.

With this in mind, in late 2015 we acquired Innography®, the world’s most respected IP data specialists. As a multiple award-winning data organisation, Innography offered CPA Global unparalleled experience in IP data management, analysis, visualisation and insight, having been built over the last 10 years on modern IT architecture, and powered by ingenious algorithms and the very latest Big Data technologies.

It was a deliberate decision to put the very best data capabilities in the hands of our customers. IP One Data is:

  • A unified, connected and consistent global IP data source
  • A combined view of verified external and customer-owned IP records
  • A new standard for global IP Data and the IP industry
  • The very best global IP data source available 
  • Reliable, globally defensible IP information
  • The power behind The IP Platform from CPA Global
  • The logical and accessible home for IP portfolio data
  • The very best IP data, underpinning all services in our IP One software suite


Great IP data lays the foundation for better business decisions. And what better way to underpin your decisions than to take advantage of the first solution to be introduced into our IP One software suite – our secure, web-based IP management solution, Inprotech.

Created especially for IP attorneys, Inprotech is capable of handling even the most sophisticated administrative workflows. Whether integrating with your current tools, or as a standalone IP management system, Inprotech provides attorneys with more time to focus on high-value tasks, such as strengthening client relationships or growing their practice. Here’s how:


Improved client satisfaction and law practice performance:

Core function support with the law firm practice management modules:

Now integrated with The IP Platform, Inprotech provides you with:

Maximise efficiency


IP matter management


Easy access with single sign-on to Inprotech and all The IP Platform Apps

IP One Data integration - A unique, common layer of cleansed, augmented and verified IP data 

Enhance customer service

Improve collaboration

Workflow automation

Seamless navigation to The IP Platform Apps

Renew App – Single click access to the case specific details view

File – Coming soon

Reduce risk

Case data download and validation

View Inprotech and IP One Data (from Innography) side by side and choose which fields to update in Inprotech 

Innography’s PatentScout® – Single click access to selected and related cases view

Get all the Inprotech solution details here.


As you may have guessed, Inprotech is just the first of our software to integrate with IP One Data. By providing access to cleansed, verified, augmented, correlated and combined data, your firm is empowered with unique competitive advantage. Watch this space for more software additions to our IP One software suite, available on The IP Platform.

CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company, trusted by many of the world’s respected corporations and law firms. Our integrated offering is underpinned by an outstanding global team of 2,000 people. Now we offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated Innovation and IP Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas.


Ready to learn more? We’re ready to share. Contact us here to learn more about IP One Data on The IP Platform, IP One software suite or Inprotech.