On May 20th more than 10,000 trademark specialists and IP professionals will arrive in Barcelona for the 139th International Trademark Association meeting (INTA). Joining CPA Global at the event will be our team of IP gurus.

We spoke to Jon-James Kirtland, Product Manager at CPA Global, about the current state of filings and what IP professionals can hope for from the future of IP management. 

Does technology have a place in IP management?

After surveying our customers and the wider IP community around the future of IP technology, it was clear that while many industries have been transformed by technology, the world of IP is a step behind. But IP professionals want to see technology making a change. Almost two thirds of respondents felt that IP technology could be more innovative than it is and half of all respondents saw their companies as ready to be early adopters of new technology.

IP technology of the future needs to combine usability, improved integration and data collection and speed to deliver optimal functionality to IP professionals. This is no simple task – but it is something we are trying to do.

What are the difficulties facing trademark professionals in filing?

Globalisation has quickly and radically redefined brand value –organisations need to file patents and trademarks quickly and consider brand protection in multiple jurisdictions around the world. The sheer pace of globalisation means protecting IP can be a major headache. Consider global filings - there could be hundreds of people involved, all of which could communicate and invoice in different ways, resulting in an administrative nightmare! It is little wonder that the global filing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but its archaic systems and processes are negatively impacting efficiency.

Is there a solution in the future of filings?

This is all dependent on new technology developments. Technology is an enabler that will hopefully empower IP professionals to be more efficient and effective. Technology will never be able to replace the role of the IP professional, but it could enhance collaboration and reduce administration to benefit everyone involved in protecting brands. 

With technology like CPA Global’s File, the IP professional of the future will have the tools at hand to deliver a more transparent, less risky and more efficient filings process that does not replace trusted global relationships, but enhances them.

Can CPA Global’s File transform the IP industry?

There has never been a software application quite like it. File is the latest app in The IP Platform and provides a single system for tracking and managing international IP filings. File dramatically improves the way customers and foreign agents communicate across the globe. Its automated workflow removes the uncertainty and time commitment previously required to file foreign IP applications. With standardised documents, requirements and processes, regardless of which country a business is filing in, the filing process is simplified.

If you are attending INTA 17, book a File demonstration now.