My name is Simon Webster. I am the Group CEO. I am the father of three outstanding little people. Two of these people are women.  My eldest daughter, Evie, is 15 and my youngest daughter, Claudia, is 13. I also have a son, Jake, who is almost 2.  For 11 years, all I knew were female children. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in preparing them for adulthood. Like all parents, I wonder sometimes whether I am having any impact at all!  However, one thing that is undoubtedly true is that I worry far more about ensuring that my girls are well-placed to take the opportunities that life provides than I do for Jake. Why?  Well, my expectation is that they will probably get less of those opportunities than he will. Purely because of their gender.  This has to be wrong. My girls are developing into outstanding medium-sized young adults, something of which I am truly proud, and yet as we stand today, they will have to work that little bit harder, longer and faster just to get the same opportunities that Jake will get. Or maybe not. The gender opportunity gap is closing. Slowly, slowly, but it is closing. It truly is in our hands, and in particular my hands, to ensure that it disappears forever.   


The power is in diversity

It's not just about equality of opportunity! In my position as Group CEO here at CPA Global I can see that a more inclusive and diverse culture fosters a wider range of innovation and ideas. And that leads to a better business and better outcomes for our customers and the IP industry. There’s power in diversity. Be that in gender, age, or culture. When we come together with different perspectives, ideas, and capabilities, we truly make a difference. We’re in 12 countries with 3,000 team members across multiple nationalities. Therefore it’s essential that diversity and inclusion are in our culture and DNA.  At CPA Global we seek to increase diversity at all levels of the organisation and commit to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace where all our employees can be their authentic selves, do their best work and can thrive.   In today’s business environment gender diversity – and diversity on a broader scale – is essential to ensuring that we have the right skills base and talent pool. No organisation will move the dial without taking positive actions.


Collectively we can all play a part being #EachforEqual for #IWD2020.