Corporate IP departments recognise that choosing the right IP management system (IPMS) can make all the difference: high-quality IPMS software can reduce costs, automate manual activities, and generally make your life easier.

When selecting your provider, it’s important to consider the integration and connectivity between your IP software and services. This is essential at both a technical and commercial level and can become much more challenging when you adopt different providers for other aspects of your IP work – in particular, maintaining your patent portfolio through the combination of IPMS software and IP renewals services.

IPMS and renewals form the two complimentary halves of a single IP solution, but selecting different providers can make portfolios that much more difficult to manage.

But there is a simple solution: use a single provider for both renewals and IPMS software. This cohesive approach offers a number of important benefits:

Single point of contact

IP renewals are complicated and vary considerably across global jurisdictions, with potential areas for pitfalls and errors. You need accurate and timely support from providers, but, more importantly, you need to be certain that there’s a single point of contact for the entire solution.

With separate IPMS and renewals service providers, there’s always the possibility for confusion and disagreement about where an issue lies between the software records or processes and the service provider’s operations. With a single provider there are no grey areas or confusion: it alone has the responsibility to manage any problems and, more importantly, ensure your IP rights are protected and successfully maintained.

Consistent data management

With a single provider, data structures and verification processes are fully aligned and integrated between the IPMS and the renewals service. This ensures there are no errors or incompatibilities, no differences in terminology or key fields.

In addition, any data checked, verified and corrected as part of the renewals service is synchronised with the data held in the IPMS system to ensure total consistency and further reduce risks.

Single IP laws model

If both IPMS and renewals service are driven by the same IP laws update and management service, there is no chance for the two to become misaligned and introduce inaccuracies or miscalculations.

This reduces the risks of errors in decision-making and in processing renewals procedures and payments, which could result in expensive missed deadlines, or, in extreme cases, in the potential loss of your IP rights.

Future-proofing systems and services

Finally, with a single provider and an integrated solution, any new procedures within the renewals service or new features in the IPMS will work seamlessly together. That means you can take advantage of new functionality and service options with the peace of mind that the total solution will continue to operate without mishaps or costly integration work.

Based on all these benefits, it seems logical to select a single provider for both IPMS and renewals. However, you must also be confident that your chosen partner is best-in-class for customer support, IP data management, IP laws experience and coverage, and future strategy.

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