Dynamic search technology finally befits its subject

In a heartbeat, the patenting and technical publication environment of a given technology area can change. Patent search, therefore, does not conclude with a report, and staying current requires more than subject-matter expertise. Today’s patent search technology has finally caught up to the dynamic nature of intellectual property, offering process enhancements like real time search results, detailed scoping discussions, and search results that reflect the entire patent story.

What if…sample search results could create insight and guidance?

“We have an opportunity provided by today’s technology to enhance the process by which each and every search is conducted, so that we’re gathering intelligence from the very first second a contact is made. Our technology can search semantically and filter patent records, so we can present a small sample of relevant records to the customer in real time for their immediate review. This kind of light-touch interaction has the potential to create insight on what the customer wants and where their focus and interest lies – giving the analyst a head start on the search itself.” - Brad Buehler, CPA Global Managing Director Operations, Patent Search and Analytics 

What if…detailed patent search scoping could ensure more precise results?

The potential for technology transformation is enormous within the search work product itself – but there are also opportunities for process enhancements that build in value from the second the search is initiated. CPA Global offers a 24-hour response to all search enquiries, triggering a detailed scoping discussion prior to the search commencing to ensure that the customer’s precise legal and business requirements are fully understood. The CPA Global Team employs diligence and focus to evolve these processes even further in support of the customer’s requirements.

What if…search results could tell the entire patent story?

“What if you could request to have your search results automatically updated monthly, quarterly or annually with revision highlighted for easy reference? Then, the search would become a living story-telling vehicle that evolves over time. Our search customers will be able to enjoy these kind of enhancements in the very near future.” -Esmaeil Khaksari, CPA Global Product Manager for Patent Search and Analytics

What if…individual area-expertise providers were outmoded: Business referrals are coveted in both their receipt and their offering. But the fact is that project-by-project use of area-expert patent search providers can mean multiple invoices, inconsistent methodologies based on differing technologies and resources, and limited customer profile personalisation. If a highly-referred, best-in-class patent search provider with expertise in all technical fields, underpinned by the most advanced technology, which consistently produced evergreen, personalised results, sounds like a pipedream for the IP professional, to that we reply simply: Turn up the volume.

Do more with us. We’ll do more for you.

Patent search will always be performed on a project-by-project basis, but only CPA Global can perform patent search in every technical field and has the technology to provide personalised, holistic, constantly updated search results.  We offer every possible type of search across the entire patent lifecycle. How? Our IP analysts are handpicked for their technical expertise in the technology, product, and industry areas you specify. Our search services provide our clients with confidence because our strategy, analysis and reporting meet the legal and technical objectives underlying each request…every time. 

When you increase the volume of patent search with us, you will receive the same standard of care to which you are likely already accustomed: peace of mind, consistent quality, and freed up time for higher-value tasks. But because you do more of it (patent search) with us (CPA Global), we’ll be able to personalise your results and better fit your needs for successful patent search more than any individual area-expert provider.

How? By capturing the personalisation that can only surface with volume.

Volume begets personalisation

In this age of endless data, personalisation is how we handle information overload and establish control. You can now expect the same when it comes to your patent search provider. Here’s how we do it:

  • Collaboration: As our relationship and knowledge of your needs evolves and grows, our analysts bring about a new level of cooperation and support.
  • Control: We provide you with total control of the work and processes as though our team is yours.
  • Flexible Customization: We tailor our integrated workflows to your preference and partner with each attorney to ensure their individual search reports support both the speed and accuracy of their casework. 
  • Process Efficiencies: With searches routed through a single provider, your business benefits from process efficiencies, including consolidated invoicing and better visibility of spend against budget, as well as scalability and control. In addition, over time, our team’s growing knowledge of the technical domains of interest results in even greater search and operational efficiencies as they leverage this knowledge.

The days of having to rely on referrals and individual area-expert providers to perform your patent search are over. Area-expert patent search providers furnish static results and create more complex business procedures than are necessary today. They lack the technology that can present dynamic patent search results, which ought to reflect the dynamic, story-telling nature of intellectual property itself.

So turn up the volume. Let CPA Global handle all your patent search needs for personalised, evergreen, dynamic patent search results. Refer business to yourself and trust CPA Global to hit the patent search mark …every time. 

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We’re innovators, too. Look for our Search App set to release later this summer. Further, we’re excited that soon we’ll be able to post results for client review at interim stages during a project, furthering your ability to provide quick feedback and steer the direction of the search. 

Do you know the Six Habits of every successful patent search provider? We do and we’ve highlighted them here.

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