Maintaining and improving practice profitability; driving business growth; improving customer service; strategically applying expertise to a client’s business objectives. These are the key challenges facing IP law firms according to our recent survey of almost 400 IP professionals, carried out in partnership with research company B2B International and ManagingIP magazine. 

Finding the time

The explosion in IP activity over the last decade has altered how law firms allocate time to tasks. Firms are increasingly challenged by a misalignment of staff utilisation and practice needs; attorneys are spending too much time on administrative, non-billable tasks.

Customer experience first

Law firms also expressed concerns around the heavy use of paper and difficulties around budget forecasting. Firms felt day-to-day pressures were restricting their ability to offer strategic advice. 

So what is the most effective combination of people and technology?  One that removes the burden of administration and releases IP lawyers to do what they do best: provide great counsel.

Data for change

Simple yet powerful tools can help firms increase efficiency and provide better client service. CPA Global’s IP One suite of technology solutions brings software, services and information together to help IP law firm support their clients to maximise profitability, reduce risk, optimise processes and make better data-driven decisions across the entire ideas lifecycle. Integrating IP One will introduces faster and smarter IP management to law firms, adding value for clients and enabling them to get on with the task of providing strategic advice.

If you are a CPA Global customer, come and see us at CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 in Austin, Texas, November 4-7. Jayne Durden will focus on how law firms can address the key issues they face in a joint session with Haydn Evans and Shauna Osborne for a plenary session on the transformative IP journey.

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