‘IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists’ identifies visionaries in the development and implementation of strategies that maximise IP value. This year, four of our experts were named on the annual list. We caught up with Matthew Luby about his career and where he sees the future of IP management.

Matthew Luby, Analytics for Asia at CPA Global.

I have managed more than 400 patent landscapes and dozens of patent portfolio analysis engagements that involved defining the competitive, technical landscape through detailed data collection, an application of analytical frameworks, and the reporting of competitive takeaways for our customers. Working with a wide variety of research institutions, private companies and public entities across the IP spectrum, I am an expert in technology analytics for corporate R&D and patent portfolio management.

Why do you work in IP? Tell us more about your role at CPA Global

My career in IP began in 1998 as a Patent Examiner at the USPTO. In the eight years I spent there, I learned how to identify new and novel inventions within the fields of packaging and automotive control technologies.  I also worked with many inventors, their attorneys and obtained a law degree from the George Washington University Law school. 

I began working with Landon IP in 2006 as a Patent Analyst and progressed to the role of Vice President, Analytics and Advisory Services over the next eight years – before joining CPA Global. 

I led CPA Global’s analytics team from 2007 to 2015 and helped successfully expand the team into Asia and Europe. Since 2016 I have taken sole control of our technology intelligence practice in Asia, using my expertise in analytics for corporate R&D and patent portfolio management for the design and project management of client engagements in the region.

What technology trends do you expect to see in the future of IP?

Innovation drives revenues and IP analytics can ensure portfolios are built, maintained, and optimised for maximum impact. Companies can benefit greatly from understanding new technologies emerging in their industry and ‘blank space’ for innovation in the future. Our patent analytics will unlock detailed insights to help our customers forward plan and create profitable IP and R&D strategies.

Future technology needs to recognise the importance of IP analytics and ensure IP information is up to date and accurate for trusted insights. The IP Platform by CPA Global is a new technology that can do just that, enabling customers to generate unique business insight from corrected, validated IP data. The IP Platform integrates IP management software, services and insight into one single platform that will empower IP professionals to more effectively manage their innovation.  Offering an integrated view of a company’s intangible assets, The IP Platform has the potential to revolutionise IP management and corporate management, much the way sabermetrics has done in baseball.

What does it mean to be recognised in the IAM strategy 300 list?

Being recognised as a world leading strategist by IAM is a great way to celebrate 20 years working in the IP industry. Over the last two decades I have enjoyed nurturing a career in patent analytics and exploring innovation in almost every technological field - finding particular interest in the automotive sector. My goal is to empower companies with innovation, helping them to find the true value in IP and generate life changing technologies.

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