'IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists’ identifies visionaries in the development and implementation of strategies that maximise IP value. This year, four of our experts were named on the annual list. We caught up with Tyron Stading about his career and the role of big data to the future of IP management.

Tyron Stading, Chief Data Officer at CPA Global.

I am responsible for creating unified data and analytics integration across all of CPA Global’s products and services.

Why do you work in IP? Tell us more about your role at CPA Global

My career in IP began in 2006. I wanted to redefine the intelligence and analytics landscape, founding Innography to improve insight from IP. My belief is that it should be easier to generate business value from IP insight.

Innography went on to win multiple awards, including the Gold Stevie Award for best new legal information solution software. Personally, I filed more than 50 patents, some of which were licensed or sold, including security algorithms, dynamic integration capability to connect multiple systems together, among many others. In 2015 Innography was acquired by CPA Global and I became Chief Data Officer.

What technology trends do you expect to see in the future of IP?

I am a huge believer in the importance of big data – across the world we are looking to better use the power of information and analytics, increasing our decision-making ability and profitability. Almost every company can improve its efficiency through the application of new technologies, driving insight by combining internal and external data sources.

New sources of complex data, such as litigation or prosecution, will influence the future of IP. Our ability to process these sets of data is key. We are seeing huge steps in this domain with the use of cloud computing capabilities - which are allowing for on-demand computing - and artificial intelligence, letting us process data that would previously have taken months, in seconds.

I am most interested to see how individual technologies tackling big data will combine in the future, particularly in the context of IP. Big data can be used in predictive analytics for patent renewal, it can help in ensuring the validity of data, or even with predicting whether patents will be approved or denied. Big data has also allowed CPA Global’s IP One software suite to provide cleansed, verified and augmented data that gives consumers a consolidated view of their IP data.

What does it mean to be recognised in the IAM strategy 300 list?

It is a great honour to be recognised as a world leading strategist by IAM. Having been in the industry since 2006, and seeing the ways in which IP strategy has changed over the years has helped shape my goals for the future of IP management. I am dedicated to realising my vision of redefining the IP intelligence and analytics landscape further.

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