Any data or information that can be used to identify a person online is personal and needs to be protected. This could include names, email addresses, images, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or even a computer IP address. It is important that certain guidelines are followed and practices are put into action to safeguard this personal information and stop it from being mishandled or misused.

Data protection

A number of recent high-profile breaches have brought the issue of data security to public attention and people are increasingly aware that their personal data can be hugely valuable to companies. Set to come to force in the EU on May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is one of the most significant and wide-ranging pieces of legislation passed relating to technology and the internet. As more of personal data becomes digitised, and people share more information online, data privacy is more important than ever before.

GDPR amends and expands the scope of the UK's 1998 Data Protection Act and the EU's Data Protection Directive with guidelines suited to the modern, technology-dominated world.  The regulation requires accountability, gives enhanced individual rights and is applicable to all organisations that provide goods and services to persons in the EU irrespective of where they are located. It will affect businesses of all sizes and how companies gather, store, and look after their data.

Keeping it personal

Data is at the heart of CPA Global. Our customers trust us with their ideas and their data – both of which play defining roles in the future of their businesses.

We recognise the importance of protecting our customers' personal and confidential information and we can be held accountable for your data. We know what data we are using, detecting and how we use it. If we do not need it, we will not keep it. If it is not necessary, we do not share it or handle it. We follow this mantra to protect our customers, their data and our colleagues.

A trusted provider

Visit our new online Trust Centre for data protection to learn more about our commitment to data privacy and protecting our customers’ personal information. Read about the ways we may collect and process your personal data, our compliance with GDPR, and how we can support our customers in meeting its regulatory requirements.