IP Docketing and Prosecution administration can be time-consuming and awkward to manage on behalf of your clients, but they remain a vital part of the IP process. That’s why we provide a comprehensive docketing and paralegal service that frees your people up to focus on more valuable and strategic client work.

In addition to docketing, our team can support you on the full range of correspondence relating to patent or trademark applications, including due date monitoring.

We manage and mitigate risks through best practice, with specialist detail-oriented staff across three continents. This multi-shore approach ensures none of your clients’ export-controlled or pre-publication material is sent overseas and that you have a local point of contact in your own language and time zone.

It means you don’t have to worry about managing in-house headcount at your practice during periods of changing workload. Meanwhile, our team extension and automation technology will implement a customised solution, ensuring you don’t miss deadlines, incur late fees or have to deal with incomplete data.

Let us help you add more value to your clients by taking docketing admin off your hands.


Supporting you across all the admin bases

  • Customer-dedicated teams of from one to 100 people across multiple continents
  • Bespoke dashboards and metrics
  • More than 15 years’ experience in IP support services
  • A trusted long-term partner to some of the world’s largest IP law firms

Meeting all your clients’ docketing needs

Reduce your risk


Our specialist IP expertise means patent and trademark related correspondence is handled correctly every time. We reduce the risks related to errors and help you increase efficiencies and maximise value.



We offer a flexible resource that’s available whenever your firm needs it. No longer do you have to worry about taking on more paralegal staff to handle workload peaks and having them sit idle during the troughs.

Better business strategy


We act as an extension of your IP admin team, freeing them to work on higher value and more strategic client work.




Our Docketing specialists are highly experienced in working with the EPO, WIPO and national PTOs to handle all the correspondence and formalities across the prosecution cycle. They provide additional external support to your in-house IP team to help them manage all IP related administrative tasks.

IP Support


You don’t want your in-house IP team to become overloaded with time-consuming administrative tasks at the cost of more valuable and strategic work. That’s why our comprehensive IP Support Team Extensions improve efficiency, reduce costs and free internal stakeholders to focus on core business objectives.

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