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    Hexcel - Transitioning to a web-based docketing system seamlessly

    How CPA Global helped guide a global corporation through the changing IP landscape, leaving rudimentary processes behind for a modern, automated IP management system.

    Hexcel is a global leader in advanced composites technology, making a wide range of applications stronger, lighter and tougher. Hexcel has a rich 70-year history of producing breakthrough technology, and innovation is one of the company’s main values. Holding more than 1,350 patents and pending applications worldwide, Hexcel is an ambitious company that explores ideas, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their industry.

    • FoundationIP®
    • Patent and Trademark Renewals service
    • Introduce IP technology products and software to relieve administrative IP burden
    • Assume responsibility for Hexcel’s trademark and patent annuities
    • Remove manual IP processes and replace with CPA Global technology
    • Hexcel data integrated quickly and seamlessly into FoundationIP
    • Patent information easily accessible with via electronic interface
    • All information consolidated into customer renewals statements and reviews

    Founded in the early 1950s in California, Hexcel has established an impressive reputation for innovation in advanced composites technology. Hexcel has built an extensive IP portfolio, the company’s technological breakthroughs include developing the first prepegs for use in wind turbine blades; inventing an adhesive for bonding metal to metal that significantly reduces aircraft weight; being the first materials to land on the moon in the energy absorbing footpads of Apollo 11. Understanding the importance of IP management and sustaining future innovations, Hexcel partnered with CPA Global from 1995 to utilise the company’s outsourced patent and trademark annuities service to relieve the administrative burden on its practice.


    Future of IP: automation and efficiency

    The IP landscape has changed drastically in the last two decades. Adapting to new regulations and an increased speed of innovation has proven challenging for companies with significant IP portfolios. Before partnering with CPA Global, Hexcel used a rudimentary docketing system.

    The docketing system involved a manual clipper assist and was time-intensive but not cost effective. Hexcel knew it needed to partner with an external IP service to reduce the time and money spent on docketing.

    This would allow Hexcel’s in-house team to focus on more strategic work. CPA Global transferred all of Hexcel’s IP information from their legacy system and took responsibility for all docketing duties. In 2008, CPA Global moved Hexcel to cloud-based IPMS FoundationIP. Hexcel had outgrown its legacy docketing system and its in-house server was burdened by the large file sizes associated with IP docketing. Transferring information to FoundationIP enabled Hexcel to reduce the number of hardcopy transfer sheets and eliminate the need for manual transmittals when data needed to be sent to CPA Global.

    Reducing patent and trademark annuity costs and risks

    IP owners must trust the services they use for annuity payments and have peace of mind that their valuable IP is in safe hands. The safety and security of the IP portfolios is greatly enhanced with a single supplier solution for not only the IP management software but also for having the same supplier responsible for all IP renewals services. It is rare for an IP management service to offer annuity payments for both patents and trademarks, but this is a service CPA Global has provided to Hexcel since 2000. 

    This collaborative service means IP can be managed in the same place, by the same provider – despite different maintenance processes. Should there be a query or discrepancy, there is a single point of contact to ensure it’s quickly rectified. Annuity payments can also be automated – Hexcel opted for this automatic payment process. This ensures that payments are never missed and Hexcel only need to send instructions when they don’t wish to renew a case.


    Seamless integration of IP information simplifies the renewals process

    Hexcel data integrated quickly and seamlessly into FoundationIP
    Moving from a manual docketing process to an automated service can be a difficult and take considerable time. Moving Hexcel’s IP information from a paper-based service - first to a basic docketing tool and then to FoundationIP - was seamless and simple. By using existing Hexcel processes, CPA Global ensured information could be moved quickly and with little disruption.

    Patent information easily accessible with FoundationIP’s electronic interface
    When Hexcel makes changes or updates patent information through FoundationIP’s electronic interface, CPA Global is alerted instantly. This provides CPA Global with further insight on the Hexcel’s patent trends and provides information about the countries Hexcel is looking to nationalise in.

    All information consolidated into customer renewals statements and reviews
    CPA Global’s reporting services help to consolidate IP information for customers, providing regular reviews and quarterly renewals statements. This ensures Hexcel always has the latest and most accurate information at their fingertips.

    For further information contact us at ipinfo@cpaglobal.com