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Digital CPA Global

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In line with our vision to remove the friction from the IP ecosystem, we are digitally transforming our organisation.  Learn more about why this is the right time to become a digital-first organisation, and the opportunities this will create for our people and our customers.



Since we announced our intent to become a digital-first organisation, we have been very clear on the destination. However, the journey which we take to get there is being developed with the involvement of all our people.

We’ve invested heavily, in time, to listen to our people. Our Big Conversation – a deep listening exercise - includes various ways in which people could give feedback, ask questions and suggest ideas for what we should do. One key element of this was people leaders having 1-1s with every member of their teams to capture how ready people felt both emotionally and practically to adopt our new ways of working.  All our decisions have been data driven – and our people are providing that data. This is what’s enabled us to design and deliver a tailored and relevant set of actions that are enabling our people to transition to this new way of working by being able to define and shape the solution.

This is about how we do our work to become a digital-first organisation, not simply where we work. We’re prepared to try new things – it’s part of who we are.

WATCH THE FILM: This film was launched internally to help guide our people through the change.  We refer to a 'Digital CPA' by which we mean a digital first approach to working as an organisation.

Mel Fitzpatrick, Chief Brand and People Officer, CPA Global, on the opportunities Digital CPA Global creates for our people. 

Simon Webster, Group CEO, CPA Global: Digital CPA Global provides an opportunity to truly live our values. 

Gordon Samson, CEO, Tech Enabled Services, shares details about what Digital CPA Global might look like in reality for our people and our customers.

Simon Webster, Group CEO, CPA Global, shares his thoughts the sustainability drivers behind Digital CPA Global. 

Simon Webster, Group CEO, CPA Global: The Digital CPA Global programme is firmly rooted in creating opportunity for our people to work in a better, more flexible way. 

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