Data Verification

Clean, updated and accurate IP data

Clean, updated and accurate IP data
Data Verification

Most IP owners have some level of patent data quality issues due to human error or general inconsistencies in systems and data entry. Data integrity issues can also occur during events such as software conversions and when assets change owners

These types of scenarios can have significant consequences including loss of rights and inability to license or sell assets. CPA Global can help to reduce the administrative burden and reduce the data risks by identifying discrepancies through comprehensive reviews of key patent data fields – enabling you to keep data clean and consistent with the data held at the public registries.

As standard, all new patent renewals clients will have their portfolio data verified against official patent office information (currently covering 75% of cases) to maximise data accuracy, minimise risk and increase IP operational efficiencies.  As existing clients add new cases to our patent renewals system (through acquisition or new grants) the same extensive data verification procedures can be applied automatically to the key data fields required for successful renewal of patent rights.

For those not using CPA Global patent renewals, we also provide a range of project based data verification services. Our team is experienced in handling a broad range of tasks relating to the data verification process and has access to the industries’ most advanced IP data verification resources. They have many years of experience meeting complex client needs and delivering data verification projects within agreed time frames.

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