Strategic alignment of your patent portfolio

Does your patent portfolio support your business? We want to make sure it does.

You want safety and security for your most valuable assets. Our renewals services offer you total peace of mind.

Patent Renewal for Corporates

Patent Renewals

  • Align your IP with your business strategy by taking advantage of our advanced portfolio management tools and services.
  • Mitigate the risk associated with the renewal of IP assets, particularly in jurisdictions where reinstatement of lapsed rights is not possible.
  • Benefit from greater cost and budget control with a broad range of reporting and service options.
  • Utilise the most comprehensive and flexible renewals service that allows you to select the options that meet your individual needs.

Trademark Renewals

  • Reduce your spend and have better cost predictability in your trademark maintenance activity
  • Ensure that your portfolio remains in force and offset some of the increased risk that accompanies merger & acquisition driven portfolio transfers
  • Benefit from specialised trademark administrative support that suits your specific needs
  • Streamline and reduce renewals activities and associated communication


Why you should choose our renewals services:

  • We have 45 year proven track record in IP renewals
  • We work with 80% of the global top-filers
  • We have over 7M IP assets under our management
  • We pay over $1 billion every year in renewing our customer’s IP assets
  • World’s largest IP law teams monitoring over 2,500 renewal laws across all jurisdictions
  • Global team of over 50 trademark renewal professionals
  • Global agent network, fully monitored and controlled against strict SLAs
  • Comprehensive data verification across all cases in 48 jurisdictions, including all high risk PTO’s
  • IPMS integration for your peace of mind, whether CPA Global or 3rd party/in-house IPMS systems

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