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We understand that there are different approaches required for trademark renewals management. Many factors need to be considered such as portfolio size, geographic coverage, existing agent network, trademark management strategy, and unique workflow requirements.

To meet the differing needs of our clients, CPA Global offers three trademark management solutions.

Trademark Support Services

For corporations with extensive portfolios that require additional trademark management support, CPA Global provides a customized solution that complements the corporations existing agent network. Through our team of experienced trademark professionals, CPA Global offers specialized trademark administrative support from pre-filing activity through to post registration management.

We deliver a new approach to renewals and trademark portfolio management; working directly with your established network of agents with no disruption to existing relationships and processes; processing communications with your agent network and PTO’s to increase efficiency, throughput and agent buying power; docketing correspondence, deadlines, and uploading of official document; monitoring your agents’ compliance with agreed SLA’s in order to measure your agent performance; managing invoicing and payment activities to increase your bandwidth, ensure invoice accuracy and avoid additional costs.

Trademark Renewals Management

For corporations with the need to improve their data integrity and validate renewal deadlines, TM Renewals Management utilizes our unique law engine capability to calculate and validate important due dates. The solution is designed to alleviate the repetitious and administrative burden associated with the trademark renewal process, allowing you to focus on the substantive side of trademark portfolio management.

We have a global team of over 50 trademark renewal professionals in place in order to support an extensive client base and key features of our service include:

  • Flexible renewal reminders detailing cost and renewal Formalities.
  • Reminder frequency can be tailored into your renewal decision process
  • Management of all renewals Formalities
  • Option to work with your preferred agent network in jurisdictions where a sole representative has to be recorded at the PTO
  • Ability to execute and authenticate key renewal Formalities such as
  • Powers of Attorney (restricted to renewals and associated activity)
  • Consolidated reporting of key data discrepancies in order to ensure accurate record management
  • Management of ownership updates required at the point of renewal
  • Tracking and reporting of key renewals events
  • Ability for you to track the status of your renewals online
  • Management of official receipts and renewal certificates

Trademark Renewals On-Demand

With Trademark Renewals On-Demand, transitioning renewal and maintenance responsibility for your trademarks is an easy and flexible process without the need to transfer your entire portfolio data. Trademark Renewals On-Demand is a solution that provides you expert trademark renewal support when you need it along with the following benefits:

Cost Predictability – Reduce your spend and have better cost predictability in your trademark maintenance activity. We provide up-front costs for the trademark renewals you entrust to us and then pass on our competitively negotiated agent rates and pay PTO’s directly in jurisdictions where possible.

Protection – Ensure that your portfolio remains in force and offset some of the increased risk that accompanies merger & acquisition driven portfolio transfers. Provide us with the list of marks you have acquired, and will handle the maintenance requirements and any outstanding official ownership updates allowing you to focus on assimilating your newly acquired trademarks in your portfolio.

Flexibility – Increase your bandwidth during periods when you have resource limitations and peaks in workflow but are not looking to outsource the entire responsibility of your trademark portfolio. You will have the capability to outsource trademark maintenance for a fixed term that is driven by your specific needs.

Efficiency – Our service is designed to streamline and reduce renewals activities and associated communication. Once you provide us with your list of marks, we act on your instructions and begin fulfilling formal documentation required to renew. With your renewal deadlines now covered, you can now focus on more strategic portfolio matters.

Trademark Renewals – On-Demand provides you with a fast-track, flexible and cost predictive approach to trademark renewals.

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