Paralegal Support

An extensive range of
paralegal and administrative support

An extensive range of paralegal and administrative support
Paralegal Support

We have many years of experience in providing an extensive range of paralegal and administrative support services right across the filing, prosecution and grant process. Our paralegals work directly with in-house attorneys and admin staff or to support outside counsel and agents on behalf of corporate IP departments.

Paralegal Support for prosecution

Well-trained paralegals play a vital role in the patent and trademark process. CPA Global’s team of paralegals are all university graduates and many have advanced degrees, including law degrees. CPA Global provides a wide range of support services for IP filing and prosecution support, including:

  • Preparing filing packages for attorneys to review
  • Preparing formal documents for PTO submission
  • Prior art reference management
  • Monitoring the docket and generating due date reminders
  • Handling PTO correspondence
  • Coordinating outside counsel and agent correspondence
  • Maintaining file histories
  • Patent Grant Support

From reviewing Notices of Allowance for errors that could prove costly to rectify at a later date, to performing patent term adjustment audits and creating Certificates of Correction, CPA Global offers a wide range of administrative services that support U.S. and EPO patent grant procedures, including:

  • Patent prosecution file history review
  • Patent Proofreading against file history
  • Patent term adjustment audits and applications for (US filings)
  • Notice of Allowance and Communication of Grant claims review and formatting (US)
  • Opposition procedural support (EPO)
  • Filing amendments and corrections under EPO Rule 71(3) (EPO)
  • Prior Art Reference Management

The process of managing, storing and updating prior art citations and preparing PTO filings such as Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) for the USPTO is tedious, time-consuming, prone to human error and full of risk. CPA Global provides a customisable IDS and Reference Management service that seamlessly integrates into your IP department’s workflow, dramatically reducing the burden of managing copious documents, minimising IDS late filing fees and the risk of missed references in disclosure statements.

Our combined solution of patent paralegals and the industry’s leading cloud-based IP management software, FoundationIP®, CPA Global’s IDS Manager supports all facets of IDS and Reference Management:

  • Enters, maintains and updates prior art and reference data
  • Prepares and assembles IDS filings
  • Confirms receipt of filings with the USPTO and foreign PTOs
  • Access to a searchable repository of your patent citations
  • Manages prior art references against single applications and patent family matters
  • Document Preparation and Workflow Management

Our IDS paralegal teams enter, maintain and update reference records, and prepare IDS for US filings, allowing in-house staff to focus on more strategic work without any lapse in fulfilling the duty of disclosure.

Automated Cross-Referencing

We create and maintain a database of all prior art references, cross referenced between complex family structures, which leads to a significant reduction in the risk of errors and IDS package preparation time.

Creation of Complete Reference Records

We build a complete record of all key information for patent and non-patent references, including patent numbers, jurisdiction, grant/application date, applicant, author, title, citation and publication.

Creation of Reference Library

We will compile a comprehensive library containing copies of all reference documents, including sourcing and retrieval of global patent documents and non-patent literature references.

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