Trademark & Brand

Protecting your trademarks
and brand throughout the trademark lifecycle


Searching, filing for trademarks and protecting them as well as your brand is a complex and time consuming process.

Complexity varies from country to country, increasing the time, staff and funding necessary to maintain and grow trademark portfolios.

We offer a comprehensive and modular suite of services to meet your requirements at every stage of the trademark lifecycle. These ensure you achieve the highest level of protection for your trademarks and brand and therefore reduce risks, costs and get better tracking and reporting.

Managed Trademark Services

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions that span the entire trademark lifecycle. Our global network of IP experts use leading-edge technology to deliver critical insight, analysis and cost savings.

Trademark Searching

Our comprehensive search products include customized search reports. With our global resources and tailored approach to your needs you receive high quality and accurate results.

Trademark Watching

Combining market-leading technology and a team of experienced watching quality specialists, we provide you with customised and constantly adjusted watch parameters for each protected mark, delivering the most comprehensive set of relevant results for your business. Analysis of watching data that covers all major jurisdictions, worldwide and all languages that trademarks are published in are covered by our service.

Trademark Renewals

You want safety and security for your most valuable assets. Our renewals process offers you total peace of mind.

Trademark Recordals

Capable of administering the full lifecycle of the title update process, CPA Global works in conjunction with in-house attorneys and paralegals to provide a cost-effective alternative to the in-house management of the recordals process.

Internet Monitoring Services

Continuous Internet watch.  Providing you with only the most powerful results to prevent you from being inundated with non-relevant material.

  • Domain Name Watch

    Millions of domain names are registered each month. We monitor domain names as they become available or are registered across the globe so that none of them are infringing on your rights. The Domain Name Watch service provides a report of relevant domain names so you can act quickly to protect your online brand and trademarks.

  • Auction Watch

    Make sure you know if your branded goods are listed. On-line auction houses provide a lucrative avenue for counterfeiters and so must be continually monitored for unlicensed products or fake goods. Our Auction Watch service, recommended by eBay, watches for the sale of your branded goods on eBay, Alibaba and Taobao auction sites globally so that you can keep up to speed with new listings

  • Web Content Watch

    This service provides you with global coverage across the Internet. New extensions and IDNs are automatically included in the watch, as they are introduced. Non-Latin script domain names (exact matches only) are also covered with the use of punycodes. We supply you with only the most relevant results to prevent you from being inundated with unhelpful material.


Why choose CPA Global for Trademark and Brand services?

  • CPA Global has been providing continuous trademark services for over 75 years and currently watches over 10,000 trademarks worldwide
  • Trademark services has monitored domain names and trademarks worldwide for 60 years, benefitting more than 5,000 clients
  • Our team of multilingual specialists provide coverage across multiple languages and scripts, to ensure that your marks are protected on a global scale

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