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Protecting trademarks from potential infringements is crucial to maintaining the value of your IP portfolio. TMDS (Trade Mark Directory Service), a part of CPA Global, delivers that protection through the most intelligent watching solutions available anywhere. We see trademarks as unique creations for your brand – that’s why we design a customised watch parameter for each one.

We’re dedicated to offering high-quality Trademark Watching in tandem with personalized service to IP professionals and law firms. Among the benefits of our Trademark Watching Service we offer a combination of market-leading technology and a team of experienced watching quality specialists delivers the most comprehensive set of relevant results for your business. Analysis of watching data that covers all major jurisdictions, worldwide; all languages that trademarks are published in are covered by our service.

We are able to deliver watch results with high relevance through our team of product specialists who perform ongoing checks to ensure quality and conformity to client requirements. Watch notices can be issued in either electronic or paper form, at the most productive frequency established by the user.

TMDS, a part of CPA Global, has been providing trademark monitoring services to brand owners and trademark practitioners for over 70 years.


Experience and expertise

Part of CPA Global, TMDS has been providing trademark monitoring services to brand owners and trademark practitioners for over 70 years. TDMS is a pioneer in the trademark watching field and currently watches more than 10,000 marks worldwide.A variety of different watch solutions are delivered through our unique, market-leading technology. In addition, our multilingual watch analysts are trained and experienced in detecting trademark infringements that go beyond computer detection.

We are accredited with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems, selecting the British Standards Institution (BSI) as the certification body.


A worldwide scope

Our Trademark Watching Service covers jurisdictions from around the world. This includes watching in such foreign languages as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic and many other scripts, to ensure that your marks are protected on a global scale.


Russian Watch: We monitor Russian applications in both Latin and Cyrillic characters. Native speakers carefully transliterate trademarks published in Cyrillic.


Japanese and Korean Watch: Japanese and Korean gazettes are reviewed by native Japanese analysts. The applicant and goods/services for these are translated manually by Japanese and Korean analysts and provided directly on watch notices.


Chinese Watch: Our native Chinese speakers monitor the marks against phonetically similar marks. They manually translate the applicant and goods/services directly on watch notices.

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