The Ipendo Platform®

Cloud-based software for enhanced collaboration

In today’s competitive IP environment organisations need simple but powerful tools to maximise the value of their IP portfolios. Ipendo is an advanced IP management platform enabling organisations, large or small, to seamlessly collaborate and work in partnership with their internal and external stakeholders.

The newly enhanced software allows IP departments to share information more efficiently and meet the needs and objectives of the business. Features & benefits:

Optimise operational productivity with increased collaboration

Make better informed decisions with real-time access to critical data

Enhance the value of IP assets with powerful forecasting and budgeting

Maximise ROI with reduced costs and lower administration

Support IP workflows with best practice processes and tools

Align the IP portfolio to business strategy, with increased visibility and intelligent analytics

What can Ipendo do for your IP department?

Designed and built by leading IT and IP experts, Ipendo has all the key attributes needed in today’s fast moving business world and a wealth of additional functionality, including:

Exceptional business connectivity

Providing 24/7 access with real-time availability,

Ipendo offers an advanced collaboration platform for increased coordination and rationalisation. By hosting all the data in the same place, Ipendo ensures stakeholders share the same information, saving time and reducing administrative overheads. All information regarding the IP portfolio is available via the web and the Graphical User Interface (GUI), allowing organisations to communicate instantly. With this real-time connectivity, organisations can conduct advanced searches, licencing partners or business users, create invention management workflows and benefit from increased IP coordination.

Maximise ROI and simplify forecasting

Ipendo provides a complete overview of the portfolio allowing IP departments to maximise return on investment via optimised IP forecasting and greater budget control. Organisations are able to analyse how much resource has been spent on their existing portfolio, whilst accurately forecasting future IP costs. This, in combination with the ability to tag portfolio data, provides the business with insight on decisions to continue or abandon cases.

Reduce cost and administrative burden

Using a cloud-based model, Ipendo allows organisations to significantly lower overheads by reducing IT expenditure, making operational efficiencies and reducing annual maintenance fees. Regular software updates provide clients with access to the latest functionality whilst avoiding costly and time consuming work for the users. The administrative burden is significantly reduced by uploading reports, documents and data directly to one portal.

Enhance security and control access

Ipendo provides clients with the ability to enhance the level of IP awareness within the organisation through increased visibility and collaboration. The platform offers hierarchal access levels to ensure the right people are granted access to the right information. Ipendo ensures secure global control of IP through systemised independent access, supporting multiple levels of security via IP range limitation and one-time passwords, together with regular automatic backups and full data recovery.

Easily configurable to handle unique workflows

Incorporating best practice into any unique workflow, Ipendo can be customised to client needs and offers

increased flexibility via an intuitive administrative interface. The easy-to-use platform ensures IP departments can be fully functional immediately, with no complex software training required. Migration is simple with standardised set-up available, resulting in a smooth transition from previous solutions. Increase business output throughout the IP lifecycle Automated processes result in lower costs whilst reducing the risk of human error. With newly developed process flows, clients are able to easily recognise the latest activities in the portfolio and understand the status of each case immediately.

For further information on how Ipendo can support your IP strategy, please contact ipinfo@cpaglobal.com or visit www.cpaglobal.com

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