For Law Firms


CPA Global was founded over 45 years ago, by law firms, for law firms.


Our heritage gives us unique insight into the challenges you face and a foundation in IP excellence that has truly stood the test of time.

But today, we understand your challenges are altogether more intense. Practices both large and small are under pressure to deliver more for their clients than ever before. More service, more value and more power to protect and defend their clients’ precious IP assets.

We are here to help. Call on us to relieve the pressure of administration and liberate your experts to focus on creating value and delivering differentiating service for clients. Take advantage of tools and technologies designed to support core IP management processes, for gains in efficiency, effectiveness and visibility that make the soundest commercial sense. But above all, rely on CPA Global to deliver peace of mind. We are the safest hands in the business and we know your clients deserve nothing but the best.


Our Services Include:

IP Services


You want to provide the best advice possible to your clients. We provide you with the tools to do so.


We offer total peace of mind for you and your clients.

Innovation Intelligence

Usable, powerful, shareable intelligence

Team Extensions

Providing dedicated IP support for over 15 years to corporate and law firm clients.

Trademark and Brand

We provide a comprehensive and modular suite of services to meet your requirements for the trademark lifecycle

IP Software

IP Management

Document Management

Spend Management

IP Information

Data & Analytics

Data Management