Data Management

Give your clients complete confidence

Your clients need to have the absolute confidence that their patent and trademark data and paperwork is in order so that they don’t lose their IP rights.


Staying on top of this isn’t easy to achieve.


Over time, patent and trademark data quality can be compromised due to human error or general inconsistencies in systems and data entry, resulting in the loss of valuable IP rights. Data integrity issues can also occur during events such as software conversions and when assets change ownership, following a merger, acquisition, or corporate restructuring. As a result of the transfer of IP assets, a lot of paperwork needs to be processed, which can be cumbersome and confusing, especially when complex supporting documentation is required and legal procedures vary across international jurisdictions. The implications of all these are significant for your customers and for you, resulting in revenue loss, reputation damage, reduced market share and wasted administrative time.


Through systematic project management and an extensive global agent network, we deliver a comprehensive IP title update service, from document preparation through to the proofreading of recordal certificates.

On average, we complete projects within 6 months, all while achieving significant cost savings and reducing the burden on your department.

Data Verification

Our consolidated, cost-effective data verification solution identifies errors and helps to preserve the on-going quality of your clients’ IP asset data, allowing you to make decisions based on accurate information.

By identifying discrepancies through comprehensive reviews of key patent date fields, we can reduce the administrative burden and your client’s data is kept clean and consistent with the public registries.

Why choose our data management services?

  • More than 45 years of experience in the IP industry
  • Dedicated account team with single point of contact
  • Cost certainty with comprehensive fixed price quotes
  • Consolidation of global currencies and fees into a single project invoice

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