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Innovation Intelligence Services

All Innovation Intelligence Services projects are scoped and performed on a custom basis to meet the specific business needs of each client. However, these projects can generally be grouped into the following four categories, each of which addresses different client questions:

  1. Technology Intelligence Study
  2. Competitive Benchmark Study
  3. Portfolio Diagnostic
  4. Rapid Landscape powered by Innography

Technology Intelligence Study

Complete analysis of the commercial and technological activity within a specific sector or technology, e.g.

  • Palm Oil production
  • Vehicle to vehicle communications protocols
  • Mobile device power supplies
  • Touchscreen gesture input


  • Analysis of major active patent applicants, including by type, e.g. large corporate, SMEs, government and academic
  • Custom taxonomy building and analysis – technology trends, emerging technologies, IP and R&D strategy of major entities
  • Filtration and specific conclusions around entities or technologies of high interest
  • Used to assess changing market dynamics, identify unknown or new competitors, critique current R&D strategy or support downstream R&D decision making

Competitive Benchmark Study

Focused analysis on a specific set of companies or other entities, usually 2-8. Typically also filtered for specific technologies or industries, as most companies do not align 100% in terms of commercial focus. Can be used to:

  • Assess differences in R&D strategy, areas of R&D investment
  • Assess differences in IP strategy
  • Bolster M&A due diligence or M&A target assessment
  • Assess supply chain ecosystem for dynamics: customers, suppliers or potential partners

Includes side by side analysis:

  • By technology, using custom created taxonomies
  • Of geographic protection and invention velocityOther custom metrics at client request

Portfolio Diagnostic

Analysis of a single patent portfolio, both in entirety or filtered for a specific component. Similar to the competitive benchmark study, but focused on 1 entity. Used to support:

  • M&A due diligence
  • Diagnosis and refinement of IP strategy, e.g. identify key and non-core assets for downstream actions (monetise, divest, maintain etc.)
  • Assess invention creation/capture processes
  • Check alignment/fit-for-purpose of IP portfolio in supporting the wider business

Rapid Landscape

  • Standardised report that produces a quick snapshot of a technical field or portfolio(s)
  • A pre-defined report template using market leading software platform
  • Can be produced in 2-4 days for quick turnaround projects, or where multiple fields are of initial interest

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