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Innovation Intelligence Services
Team Biographies

We support your Innovation Intelligence Services projects with a professional team of more than 250 technologists and IP experts providing expertise across all technology sectors.  Representative bios for our Consultant team, as well as our Data Science and Visualization Team and the Management Group, are provided below.

Jia Li

Consultant, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Alexandria, USA

Jia is a consultant within the technology intelligence practice focused on mechanical engineering, industrial processes, automotive and aerospace technologies, and home / office appliances.

She has a background in intellectual property law, serving as a patent attorney for 5 years and as an analyst within the search practice at CPA for 2 years.

She has experience of multiple facets of patent insight services: freedom to operate opinions, portfolio evaluation, competitive benchmarking and white space analysis.

Master of Intellectual Property

UNH School of Law, Concord, NH

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China


Tony Coleman

Consultant, Materials Science

London, United Kingdom

Tony is a consultant within the technology intelligence practice focused on materials science, petrochemicals, energy production and storage and polymer science.

He has a background in patent analysis emanating from 4 years with Philips’ IP group, supporting R&D and competitive benchmarking programs for the Lighting and Healthcare business lines.

Previously to his roles in IP services, he was a postdoctoral organic photochemistry researcher at the University of Groningen, focusing on smart materials.

Doctor of Organometallic Chemistry

Bachelor of Chemistry

Dublin City University, Ireland

Terrence Joyce

Consultant, Life Sciences & Consumer Goods

Alexandria, USA

Terrence is a consultant within intelligence practice focused on biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, nutrition and healthcare technologies in the FMCG sector. He has also worked in medical devices.

Terrence is a physician with training in pathology and a background in biotechnology, pharmacology & toxicology and gene transfer. He has advised US government agencies and firms in several technologies and disciplines.

He has experience in IP strategy and management, licensing, searching, FTO, landscaping and IP commercialisation

Master of Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology

UNH School of Law, Concord, NH

Doctor of Medicine

Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College


Haopeng Wang

Consultant, Chemistry and Biotechnology

Alexandria, USA

Haopeng is a lead consultant within the technology intelligence practice focused on chemistry and biochemistry.

He is an expert in organic polymer synthesis, polymer engineering, surface chemistry, coatings, adhesives and emulsion formulation. He has worked on projects in multiple industries and technology fields such as catalysis, composites, additive manufacture, food science and general materials science.

Haopeng has a background in R&D, developing novel DNA sequencing approaches and is a member of the USPTO patent bar.

Doctor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Master of Polymer Science

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Tsinghua University, China


Gaurav Agnihotri

Consultant, Electronics and Comms

Noida, India

Gaurav is a lead consultant within the technology intelligence practice focused on electronics and telecommunications.

In recent years, he has focused on projects in the fields of telecommunications and networking and computer sciences, covering LTE and 3GPP standards, GPS, VOIP/SIP gateways, network security, and layer 2/3 networking devices.  He also has experience in the domains of data cryptography, RSA tokens, e-commerce, web services, cloud computing and audio processing techniques.

Gaurav has strong experience in using his technical expertise in the IP services arena, performing evidence of use charts, portfolio analysis, technology intelligence studies and prior art searches.

Bachelor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi, India


Hiroshi Hayashi

Consultant, Electrical Communications

Tokyo, Japan

Hiroshi is a consultant within the technology intelligence practice focused on telecommunications, communication equipment and semiconductor devices and software development.

He has a long background in wireless communication research, working with Japanese cellular operators and cell-phone manufacturers in the developing of mobile platforms, 9 years in telecommunications research on 4G/LTE wireless, and 8 years signal processing research for cellular handsets.

Hiroshi’s experience in technical intelligence projects include telecommunication and networking technologies, and the automotive and semiconductor industries.

Master of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Meiji University, Japan


Brian Connell


Austin, USA

Bachelor of Sociology

University of Southern California


Kapil Dhall

Senior Data Analyst

Noida, India

Kapil is a member of the data science team with the Intelligence practice, focused on the preparation of advanced statistical analyses and data visualisations.

Kapil has 5 years of experience working with intellectual property datasets, honing techniques and methodologies for extracted commercial insight.

He has experience of preparing large datasets for analysis and advanced quantitative models for assessing technology trends and commercial strategy.

Master of Business Administration

Karnataka State Open University, India

Chartered Financial Analyst

ICFAI University, India

Bachelor of Business Administration

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India


Ranjeet Gupta

Senior Data Analyst

Noida, India

Ranjeet is a member of the data science team within the Intelligence practice, focused on data science and advanced analysis.

Ranjeet’s background is in computer science, SAS/SQL programming and predictive analysis.

He has worked on advanced statistical and data science techniques and methodologies in several business fields including finance, insurance and retail industries.

Ranjeet also has a technical background in AI and  human computer interaction.

Master of Business Administration

London School of Commerce

Postgraduate Diploma in Computing with Digital Media

University of Sussex, UK

Bachelor of Computer Science

Shivaji University, India


Pramitha Krishnamurthyprakash

Group Manager and Lead Consultant, Computer Science and AI

Chicago, USA

Pramitha is a consultant, project lead and group manager for the practice, leading a team of consultants, liaising with clients and performing individual projects within her specialisms.

Pramitha has led dozens of projects across a wide variety of industries and technologies, via her role as group manager.

Her technical expertise lies within big data & data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive computing, fintech and Internet of Things.

Pramitha has a background in IP consulting and strategy.

Master of Intellectual Property Law

UNH School of Law, Concord, NH

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, India


Kevin Hudson

Practice Manager, US

Austin, USA

Kevin is the practice manager and lead consultant for our IP business intelligence unit, preparing research and analysis to primarily corporate clients.

Kevin’s expertise is in technology commercialisation and new product development. Before joining the practice, he launched a patient lifting innovation into the medical device market. Prior to that, he led government and defence-offset funded consulting programmes for invention assessment and commercialisation in Central and South Asia, Europe and Central America.

Master of Science & Technology Commercialisation

University of Texas at Austin

Master of Business Administration

Le Tourneau University, TX

Bachelor of History and Government

University of Texas at Austin


Kenichi Nakajima

Director and Lead Consultant, Technology Intelligence, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kenichi leads the technology intelligence practice in Japan.

He has strong experience developing and delivery analytical and intelligence engagements for many different clients in region.

Kenichi has a background in data storage R&D, specifically magnetic storage media, as well as experience of electronic instrumentation and medical device industries.

Kenichi has led projects involving patent search, trademark management, patent disputes and litigation, IP transfers and M&A evaluation activities.

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Shinshu University, Japan


Matt Luby

Director and Lead Consultant, Technology Intelligence,  APAC

Tokyo, Japan

Matt leads the technology intelligence practice within Asia, responsible for the design and project management of client engagements in the region.

Matt is an expert at analytics for corporate R&D and patent portfolio management.

His background includes creating and leading the intelligence practice at CPA Global for many years and as a patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office for 8 years.

Matt has a background in automotive technology and control engineering.

Doctor of Law

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

The George Washington University, DC


Ed White

Vice President, Innovation Intelligence 

London, United Kingdom

Ed leads the Intelligence practice at CPA Global.

He has 10 years of experience as a manager and consultant within innovation intelligence and intellectual property.

Ed has a background in developing new communication methods for advanced statistical analysis of R&D activity, including patent strength measurement, scoring algorithms and harmonization of patent and non-patent data sources.

Ed has worked with hundreds of different client organisations across almost all R&D intensive industries, delivering to Fortune 500 board members, government agency heads and ministers and CTOs/General Counsels.

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

University of Nottingham, UK


Jeff Valley

Vice President, IP Strategy and Portfolio Optimisation

Seattle, USA

Jeff heads the intellectual property strategy and portfolio optimisation services practice at CPA Global.

Jeff is an expert in patent monetisation and portfolio value creation, having managed the Consumer Electronics group at Intellectual Ventures and previously as a patent attorney specialising in computer software, network computing, telecommunications, medical devices and mechanical engineering.

Jeff has experience of R&D from earlier roles at Hewlett Packard and Lockheed Martin.

Doctor of Law

Willamette University Law School

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Washington State University

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