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Unrivalled Expertise in Safeguarding your Clients' Intellectual Property
Peace of Mind

Our Patent Renewal is the world’s most trusted patent renewals service providing peace of mind for patent portfolio maintenance.


Remove Risks associated with the renewal of IP assets

We take full responsibility for managing your clients’ renewals and work directly with them.

  • We have a tried and tested patent annuity exit model in place for over 45 years
  • The world’s largest and most experienced IP renewals team monitoring over 2,500 renewal laws across all jurisdictions and ensuring your clients’ patent renewals will be completed correctly and on time.
  • Comprehensive data verification across all cases in 48 jurisdictions to cover 94% of all global patents, including all high risk jurisdictions, to reduce the risk of late fees, restoration fees and even unrecoverable patent lapses due to incorrect portfolio data.
  • Unparalleled protection on your clients’ IP assets as we place no cap on our liability.
  • Fully audited and quality controlled industry leading global agent network to ensure rights are handled professionally and safely without you having maintain this network.


Reduce Malpractice Insurance Premiums

Hundreds of law firms we have worked with in this way report reduced insurance premiums.

  • Outsourcing renewals administration dramatically reduces exposure to risk of errors and potential professional malpractice actions.
  • Reduced or no data reporting responsibility also reduces risks which impacts insurance premiums.
  • Unparalleled protection on your clients’ IP assets as our experience and market leading process means we are confident in placing no cap on our liability.
  • We have already worked with all major insurers in this field to reduce premiums over the last 10 years of working with law firms and their clients in this way


Remove cash flow burdens and bad debt risks

CPA Global takes on the full responsibility for funding all client renewal payments and invoicing clients.

  • Removes the need for funding client renewals payments as all payment responsibility is transferred to CPA Global.
  • Fully funded renewals payments where our capital base ensures that we have the financial capability to always pay PTOs and local agent fees to safeguard your clients’ IP rights.
  • Billing in the currency of your clients’ choice removing the cost and complexity of handling multiple currency transactions across jurisdictions and exposure to currency fluctuations.
  • Direct & Local Agent payment systems from CPA Global via our global agent network so you don’t have to worry about agent quality and reliability


Reduce administrative burden

Of monitoring due dates, sending reminders processing enquiries, taking instructions & managing local agents and payments.

  • Comprehensive reminder, payment and reporting services directly with your clients, reducing your administrative costs and freeing you up to concentrate on higher value tasks
  • Client-case data take-on, removing the need for maintaining and verifying client data and freeing up your time
  • Comprehensive official receipt, renewal certificate storage and retrieval service to save you money and allow easy access if needed for litigation or licensing
  • CPA Direct Portal providing online real time secure access to your clients’ portfolio status for accurate decision making and internal stakeholder support:
    • Perform advanced portfolio searches
    • Generate customised portfolio & budget reports
    • Share cases and reports with internal colleagues






CPA Global’s Patent Renewals Service is constantly innovated, with a strong roadmap of features to benefit your team as technology evolves.




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