Team Extension

Make our team your own. Free up the burden around
administrative tasks and prosecution support

molecules picProviding dedicated IP support for over 15 years to law firm clients.

Operational and financial challenges have long been associated with managing IP workflow. Our professionals help you overcome these challenges. We become a natural extension of your team to support the IP lifecycle from administrative tasks right through to paralegal-led prosecution support.

Workflow management: more than just data entry

The process of recording key information from various patent offices can be repetitive, time consuming and introduces the risk of human error.

Outsourcing the administrative aspect of your IP management, provides access to our knowledgeable, talented pool of local docketing specialists who are proficient in U.S., European and other global systems.

Quality IP Support Services

Profitability, risk management and service differentiation are top concerns. We provide quality IP support services that enable you to:

  • Outsource low value repetitive administrative tasks
  • Outsource highly specialised tasks
  • Focus on internal high value work and core competencies
  • Apply best practice in IP support

Positive impacts for your law firm include:

  • Reduce costs and offload un-billable tasks
  • Higher output & revenue
  • Increase client quality & satisfaction

Even more reasons to extend your team with ours:

  • Reduced backlog & log-jams
  • IP Support best practice
  • Task specialisation
  • Audit trails and responsibility
  • Focus on high value activity

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