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Global trademark filings are growing at unprecedented levels. Complexity varies from country to country, increasing the time, staff and funding necessary to maintain and grow trademark portfolios. Managed Trademark Services from CPA Global provide the customised, end-to-end solutions needed to achieve your business goals and objectives.

CPA Global offers corporate owners a comprehensive range of solutions that span the entire trademark lifecycle. Our global network of IP experts use leading-edge technology to deliver critical insight, analysis and cost savings. Managed Trademark Services will help your business.

Benefit from tools and capabilities built to empower and defend your brands, including Trademark Search, Trademark Filing Support, Trademark Watch, Renewals, Mail Management and Docketing, Paralegal Support, Trademark Budgeting and Invoice Management.

Respond to your business’ most unique challenges, with tailored solutions designed to reduce costs while increasing profitability and productivity; reduce time spent on agent communications that can impact team efficiency, while increasing inter-office collaboration; minimise time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on larger strategic initiatives; engage with industry-leading best practices for optimising technology, resources and processes.

Solve Efficiency Challenges for IP Teams

According to our recent “State of the IP Industry Survey,” the biggest efficiency challenges faced by corporate IP teams are:

• “Volume of work” (77%)

• “Too much administrative work” (64%)

• “Ability to scale up or down” (58%)

CPA Global’s Managed Trademark Services can streamline your IP processes, increasing both productivity and profitability.

Reduce trademark cost and complexity

Increasing your team’s efficiency is a key component to greater productivity, flexibility and efficiency. Managed Trademark Services provide custom, full-service solutions, perfectly aligned to your business goals and objectives. Among the tools and capabilities that can help your business.

Trademark Filing and Prosecution Support: Our experienced trademark professionals deliver customised administrative support, from pre-filing activity through to post-registration management. CPA Global engages directly with your established agent network, without disrupting relationships.

Renewal Support: Reduce repetitious administrative tasks associated with trademark renewals. CPA Global uses a proprietary law engine to calculate and validate important due dates. Reminders detailing cost are tailored to your business ’renewal decision process, and, where possible, PTO’s are paid directly to avoid unnecessary agent charges.

Trademark Budgeting: Greater cost predictability in your trademark handling gives you an advantage. CPA Global can provide upfront costs for various trademarks activities.

Increase your efficiency, flexibility and trademark protection

Efficiency: We act on your business goals to fulfill the formal documentation required to manage, renew and grow your portfolio. With your administrative tasks covered, you can focus on larger strategic initiatives.

Flexibility: Increase your business’ bandwidth during periods of peak workflow. CPA Global’s Managed Trademark Services allow you to for example customise maintenance for a fixed term, driven by your specific needs.

Protection: Ensure that your portfolio remains secure and reduce the risk associated with merger and acquisition-driven portfolio transfers. We’re fully prepared to handle all maintenance requirements and ownership updates.

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