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Advanced technology for smarter IP budgeting
IP Forecaster®

IP costs are complex and constantly changing. To identify the true value of your IP requires efficiency and accuracy. IP Forecaster is an advanced, secure and easy-to-use online tool that streamlines your entire budgeting process for every patent, trademark and design

Using live market rates and powerful scenario modelling, IP Forecaster delivers fast, accurate and automated budgets. IP Forecaster helps:

• Accurately and quickly predict costs throughout the IP lifecycle and across all jurisdictions

Improve decision making with accurate and fast responses, including point-in-time forecasting

Intelligently control IP expenditures and drive strategic decisions, through what-is analysis and modelling

Save time collecting and validating PTO charges and average global rates through direct access to live market rates

Negotiate better rates through transparency on average market rates, costs and PTO fees

Integrate quickly and easily with your IPMS by way of an XML, XLS or CSV data file exchange, including all CPA Global IPMS.

Real value from real-time data

IP Forecaster delivers fast, accurate and automated budgets, using live market rates, covering agent fees, PTO fees and costs. Here’s how it works:

1. A worldwide network of attorneys monitor and collect IP costs for IP Forecaster, covering international filing, prosecution and maintenance activities.

2. IP Forecaster captures agreed rates and structures from your IP law firm(s).

3. Using multiple formulae based on patent complexity, IP Forecaster accurately estimates costs that can be seen against your fiscal cycle.

4. IP Forecaster can also use non-sensitive case data and statuses from your IP management system for faster forecasting.
IP Forecaster makes the budgeting process swift and repeatable by processing key data resources through a range of output options. Data is updated continually and includes:

Real-time Laws and Rules

Prosecution Processes, Worldwide Laws, Average Pendency Times, Patent Complexities, Technologies

Official Fees

Official PTO Application, Prosecution, Grant, Translation, Validations and Maintenance Fees

Worldwide Agent Fees

Worldwide Agent Costs for Filing, Prosecution, Grant, Translation, Validations and Maintenance Fees

Agreed Fees

Your Negotiated Law Firm Rates

Live Patent Data

Patent Family and Characteristics

Used by more than 80 corporations and law firms worldwide, IP Forecaster has been reported to achieve an average accuracy variance of between 3% and 10% of estimated and actual costs—bringing best-in-class accuracy to the budgeting process.

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