Next generation  ip financial modelling

Intellectual Property (IP) costs are complex and constantly changing. Managing budgets and making informed decisions efficiently requires accurate and up-to-date IP cost data.

 The Forecast App is an advanced, secure and easy-to-use online tool on The IP Platform, that allows you to more accurately track and predict the costs of prosecutions, filings, renewals and fees across your entire patent, trademark and design portfolio.




Improve decision making and scenario modelling with accurate up-to-date information to compare multiple filing and maintenance strategies. Easily identify opportunities to save money via alternate filing strategies.



Our worldwide network of attorneys monitor, collect and validate IP costs so that you can have greater confidence in budget reporting and avoid exceeding agreed budgets.



Quick and easy integration with any IP Management Solution helps increase data accuracy and eliminates the need for multiple data inputs. Forecast is available on The IP Platform allowing seamless navigation between CPA Global applications.

Real value from real-time data

Our worldwide network of over 1,200 attorneys monitor, collect and validate the IP costs in Forecast. This means you can draw from the most up-to-date and accurate data for your budget forecasts. The Forecast App helps you:

  • Accurately and quickly predict IP costs across all jurisdictions with automated report generation
  • Intelligently control IP expenditure, avoid exceeding budgets and identify opportunities to save money via alternate filing strategies
  • Enhance decision making and scenario modelling with accurate up-to-date information to compare multiple filing and maintenance strategies
  • Save time collecting and validating PTO charges and average global rates through direct access to live market rates
  • Forecast using global average rates or override to add custom cost data
  • Negotiate better rates through transparency on average market rates, costs and PTO fees
  • Increase data accuracy by integrating with your IP management software


Supports your entire IP portfolio

Forecast supports Patents, Trademarks and registered Designs in a single forecasting solution that covers all aspects of your IP portfolio.
Highly configurable

Forecast by jurisdiction and filing behaviour, by IP lifecycle and fiscal year. Save and combine forecasts from different cost centres. Customise Law and cost data and add custom costs. Easily regenerate quotes on fresh input and export to Excel/Word/PDF.

Powerful reporting options


Featuring more than 50 standard reporting options, Forecast delivers annual, quarterly or monthly reports, renewal reports, advanced scenario building, single family reports, summary overview, PCT national filing/ quotation, custom reports and more.

Part of The IP Platform


Single sign-on to The IP Platform allows you to seamlessly navigate between CPA Global applications. A connected new world for idea lifecycle management.



Find out more about IP Forecaster

See our detailed product sheet.



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